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Balawi wearing falcons jersey, Bo. I just want to quarrel little water on that guy. It seem a little bit, but there's not. You don't want him to exist, but he's there. I quote. It's easy to sit in a breast box and say, hey, they should run the ball, come down and stand on the sideline with me and make decisions. Said eagles coach, Doug Peterson after being questioned about whether he should have called more running plays in the fourth quarter and Phillies up seventeen to nothing before blowing. The lead also told me questions. Crazy. Do you think it's crazy to question MIR, first of all, I think somebody should responded to that question with be down there. Next Sunday just stand there right next to him. It'd be like, coach, I think you should run the ball and just see what is reacted is going to make the offer, but no is not crazy. Now, the argument that he has against it is run the ball with who've right was small, would Clement who's on my fantasy team not doing nearly enough with a 'cause like these? Not exactly like he's talking about turn it around handed. Ricky Watters, something like that and grinded out the clock that been said, if you're going to blow a lead that in the fourth quarter and not run the ball, people are going to ask if you should run the ball in your answer, just has to be no. It's important to recognize that Doug Peterson is not a caveman of coach. She is a guy who gets data from his analytics department, which shape how we want to the ball. Shaped the Phillies special call which shaped him being otherwise fairly risk seeking him going for two when they were down fourteen. That was a whole story a couple of weeks ago. And this is very much about the fact that he can't throw his running game under the bus. So explicitly if you look at the numbers last year, they're running the ball in the fourth quarter with the lead over sixty percents. Now this year when they have all of those that I don't know that you mentioned there in the forties. He's just trying to be diplomatic and he's taking it out on people of our, yeah, but it's always come down here and make decisions with us. Come on, stand to game is we know run the ball, even run the clock. It's it's not wrong. If someone to ask you that question. That's quote these DiBa wide receivers wanted to go to the bathroom as defensive linemen we didn't go to the bathroom. You sat on the bench, did your business and you got. Demanding booger, follow and have to learn Odell Beckham Joni went to the bathroom. Do you Jaren the falcons possession in pre in the game? Yes. I'm so discombobulated plays video. We, we will do that on the sideline. I didn't need to go to back, but we just kind of sit out onto bench and business move on. That's did too much. Missing all these. These receivers wanted to go to bathroom as deep defensive apartment. We didn't go to the bathroom. You sat them to bitch, got up. Food IM team booger on this. I know you are not what is on team bugger because he's not alone. Larry is, oh, Bill Belichick. Larry is, oh, a game ball because he pooped in a bucket on the sideline is, is bucket a slang term for your own pants. It is not. It's not the same Channing. Crowder the linebacker. I believe who allegedly urinated on himself every single game that he what and what do they do they have to do with you, right..

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