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Bankstown mother and daughter had been charged after a fight. Iva Toilet paper. In woolworth's thieves have stolen hundreds of rolls of toilet paper and one particular item flying off the shelves toilet paper when society comes to a standstill. Well Police Coast to coast will again. Right puck speeches and public spices today. Urging Australians to follow strict social distancing rules friendships can arise in the strangest of places right. I'll pull them my pants and take a dump in Idaho. Don't why one podcast here. Everyone welcome to Douglas podcast. How good is this? I'm Donna j the Funny One and one Japanese Day Cornelia Beach is Oklahoma. I am too parking. Would go on to take. This supermarket bigwigs by store looney. You don't Tony. Those are Thomas Toilet Paper Anymore Yokohama. Why CISCO COMING in through my mouth from the riders of Mohammed Drive and director of Funny Games. If Yokohama Wash Lip. Come release into my mouth starring Jason Worser Donny G. You'RE GONNA do Yoga Hama Wash. Let you're GonNa win the Wet t-shirt competition and introducing Colin Ferrall as Yokohama Washable though nearly on the hybrids conflict or do I got those NATO ally but ally this winter from Warner Brothers. Productions and dreamworks. It's Yokohama Wash. Let come release in Juma mouth playing now so requested. Oh but can I have this? Please sorry I think the original x Raw. After what what are you going to do with nothing just WANNA listen debut taper action honestly your Best Work Dante. That was fantastic. Take away the pressure of doing real work and the comedy genius arises in you know when you shit into them come released into my mouth yes very much makes. It makes it easy for me to go. I tell you what speaking of things coming out of our mouths. Steve Jimmy but lost episode. You were talking about the WORC- tight with C. Songs for people who don't remember. I've got a quick grab of it. Previously on thug meals so he borrowed the melancholy. Say someone at school and then he made himself. He's only got a C. Sixty or whatever. The fuck was ninety. They're expensive. They took the ten. It's like one twenty minute album into a single cassette and then actually it was probably thirty minutes because he had to put waste on the other side so you just went through and got rid of all so. I've got a friend familiar. Pretty high up in Channel Nine and to not Sunday. Obviously some pretty running programs on Man Donny Jay. He's your friend is well isn't he? And he's he's saying something pretty interesting is is is is an acquaintance And this is a breaking story. This is a bit of a sneak peek of tonight's episode. I'm Jennifer I'm Richard Carlson. I'm Willie I'm Tracy Cure. I'm Liz Hayes I'm elephant. I'm Tara Brown on paid orbison I'm I'm the embodiment and I'm reese owed the funny one tonight on sixty nine minutes tragic tale of a smashing pumpkins. Fan Who's love their rock songs and Wussy. Soames made him the butt of insults for almost two decades. Tonight we meet Donald J and tell the story of one infamous cassette tape that would lead to a life of remorse at the hands of a best friend. We met when we both at Union. The two thousands mutual friend introduced us and he knew we shared a similar taste in music. We quickly talking about a love of the smashing pumpkins and some of favorite songs. Soon after Donny would come to regret sharing some very personal revealing information that would cause internal hardship and bitter remorse for years to come. I remember telling him that when I was fourteen that I was so excited about the Pumpkins new release melancholy infinite sadness and as soon as next on board it. I'm wondering Kobe for myself at this point during the interview Donnie. Begun TO BREAKDOWN. Donny Donny. Okay it's just I. I can't believe I can't believe you'd care so much about a small thing. What's being a minute tape? A bird melancholy of off my neighbor. I I take it off the city and was several upset that you had illegally copied music. No it's it's not that he didn't like my choice of songs with the choice of songs. The album is fucking two hours. Long only had a C ninety. Some songs had to get caught. What what did you say I was fourteen? I didn't know any better. Don't they please tell us what songs you didn't include please? It's it's very important. Okay I admit it. I kept the quieter songs. Okay I finally admitted taking me to say I chose to cut oats and no-one muzzle where boys fear to tread bodies tells a scorched earth and worst of all x y you. I just wasn't into their heavier songs. It was this is my first time. Listen to the album. I like the popular songs. I liked the puppies songs. Not Knowing the kind of future strain this would have on their friendship. Johnny revealed this in full confidence status. It was quick to dismiss him. He told me that. I only like the WORC- songs I tried to tell him but after listening to the CD. I actually liked all the songs it even many the myself but he just didn't kit. It's as if he just loved telling me how much I was wrong. Totally knowing the fact that he also liked the WORC- songs stavridis allegedly would bring up Johnny's love of the whissy songs at every opportunity in an effort to berate and belittle Donnie to the point of emotional and spiritual breakdown. What we like when you first midst of Russ I was young. Go Getter an entrepreneur as finishing my degree and would bury soon up in my own clothing store. And what do you like now? I'm I'm I'm thirty seven. And that was the story of an old man and makes taped from Nineteen ninety-six. Mix Tom on sixty. Nine minutes. Campos at three podcasts have spent thousands of dollars on the cats. We'd just don't seem to give it only a fuck. That's we might get some new listeners. Now Nixon Stolman. Yeah it's pretty hard to say for yourself. Steve Dodgy Landlord. I've got something to talk to my various therapist week. So I'm here for the another WORC- songs meeting. Yes yes I. It's been two. Decades is the my favorite story of you to fantastic work co remember on us and bacteria boy and getting the educational things happening here. Let's do it. Let's get into it. She'll hand wash your hands. Wash your hands wash resident. Microbiologist writing an article saying why Australia might get through this a bit better than other countries and thank you. Lord says Morrison but someone said because our immune systems are much stronger in the summer or something like that just in general like what people in general and the summertime. Let him finish break speech. What I guess we don't really have that many If you don't live in the northern territory you'll you're pretty Herreid when it comes to your immune system to the northern territory. Yeah yeah I know where Richardson got. Good got good healthcare immune immune system kind of have peaks and troughs. Is it stronger in some seasons in low? Wouldn't it be be stronger in winter when there's more now these is coming at me? Na Na definitely stronger in some I guess having a long summer house but no yeah. 'cause in winter it's called your body's trying to not be called and on the other end must more people closer together. Obviously this winter probably not but So will you more likely to spread like a cold or influenza? Some like that People don't wash the hands boom as usual actually I. I have a winter related question as well Dante as microbiologist. How much do you think it's too much to spend on track pants? I bought track pants today at I. I'll tell you I haven't here. I'M GOING TO UNIQLO OFF. I paid forty bucks talks. I'm only ten buck man but Forty Bucks taught men Autumn Code. Full one eight seven seven. So remember that from description Men sweatpants allies considering the pile lined pants for meany piles. Okay.

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