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Kelly brothers in poor Tom Sullivan today and we're talking about Hillary and I think that's exactly what Hillary one there is we are in the thick of enough of a battle for the democratic nomination and Hillary what's her name thrust into the middle of that's what I think she is the the Hulu series comes out today you can stream it beginning today on Hulu it's a four part series they had seventeen hundred hours of behind the scenes footage nothing was off limits parts of this I've listened to very compelling from both bill and Hillary and of course it depends on whether you were ever a fan of them or not worthy you ever disagreed with them politically and thought that Hey they were they were worth following whether they be it whether they brought any energy to your life or not although the only thing I don't agree with what she says she says that I absolutely don't agree she says so I'm not running for anything I'm not office so why don't we give it a try I don't think so let's go to the phones by the way you want to join in eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred let's talk to Alex in Yuba city California Alex thanks for calling the tonsils and show hello yes strict adherence but that was actually pretty interesting you so you actually think that you have probably simply going for a London the problem is with the you're saying them well I just I just I you know I think that's the best way to say I think losing to trump what aid that is not the way she wants to go out and and how she didn't want to run again but I I think this is I think this is a way of testing the waters seeing what reaction she gets I mean let's face it this is a damaged field of democratic candidates you have doddering Joe Biden you have Bernie Sanders who who is very polarizing who one sector of the Democratic Party love them the other does not there's a little bit of a vacuum there and I think she's trying to figure out if she could fit anywhere in there that's what I that's I just I'm not sure what it is I just don't think it's coincidental this comes out today what do you think yes I agree completely agree although I think it border grill camp you know and they are if you want to gamble though what do they have to lose the employers I don't think they have anything to lose I really don't I mean they're the they can they can make some changes I think they can write books no matter what happens with this this doesn't hurt him and in many ways I'm sure she'll get some sympathy that she otherwise might not have received ours we appreciate the call thanks so much let's go to Debbie in Illinois Debbie thanks for calling the Tom Sullivan Show Debbie there I had Debbie turn down your radio Debbie I just did I'm sorry that I'm less in Illinois and want nothing to do with Philip we're tired I've been trying to get a line more I think this is another chance for them to do all right we've got a bad reception there Debbie we appreciate the call but yeah I I I'm not sure myself but I although I think I I don't know I mean I go back this was in the S. Sundance Film Festival who knows whether or not they could see that this would be a very disjointed democratic primary season with and think man think of all that's happened in the last week in terms of the number of people number of candidates dropping out kind of the consolidation that has gone on we do have time for one more phone call let's go to the Laura stores thanks for calling in on the Tom Sullivan Show yeah hello how are you great thanks for Colin and divorce well mark Martinez at everything that the point is to expand within our terrier nowadays and I can't and I will never get over the way they treated Monica Lewinsky these people made millions and Monica Lewinsky is still having trouble getting her reputation back I mean they're just absolutely they will do anything to get what they want yeah and I guess what I'm trying to figure out is what they want what is the angle here and she that she has and she would love to get into their provincial race she thought she was around the first time and so and you know everything has to do with them what however I mean that's that's the whole reason for being yeah I think she loved to be at the turn to candidates as someone they say you know what we do you really need a woman on the ticket and we need you to be V. P. or whatever you know who knows what could happen but clearly this is still a primary session that is yeah let's call it in disarray but it's coming out today everyone it's coming out today and we appreciate the call we're gonna take more calls after the news at the.

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