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Brian de la Cruz had a home run, his 11th of the season. That made it a three to one game at that point. Marlins would add to their lead in the 6th inning with two outs and nobody on de la Cruz a single his third hit of the game, Jacob stallings is single, then Miguel Rojas and RBI double, that brought de la Cruz home, made it a four to one game. And at that point, the only question really was could sandy finish what he started here tonight. He got on a great role through the end of the 6th and he retired 7 straight and 14 of 15. He got the first out in the 7th before hitting Alex call, but got the last two outs in the 7th in the 8th inning. Having 2085 pitches through 7, he struck out Victor role plays for the first out. He struck out Riley Adams for the second out. It was back to the top of the order and lane Thomas went down swinging. It was sandy's 11th strike out of the night. Number 199 on the season and 220 and two thirds innings for our contra, and it would be the last pitch sandy through here tonight. 99 pitches, 75 strikes over 8 tremendous innings, three hits and a run. He walked one, struck out the 11. Dylan floral came on in the 9th inning took care of business, got Luis Garcia bounced a second during manassas to ground out the first and Luke voigt caught looking at strike three. That's how this one ends. The Marlins beat the nationals four to one in San Diego contra 14th victory of this 2022 season. For Miami, four runs ten hits, no errors, 6 left for the nationals one run three hits, no errors. They left three. Contra the winner 14 and 8 lowers zero to 2.32, Eric fetty to lose her 6 and 11 for Dylan floral, his 7th save and ten tries. Time of the ball game two hours, 18 minutes. We were flying here at the ballpark tonight. This is the third shortest game the Marlins have played this year and guess who started the shortest and the second shortest. Yeah, sandy, a three zero win in two O 9 against the reds back on August 3rd, a two one win in two 17 against the Dodgers on August 27th, a four one win in two hours, 18 minutes against the nationals here tonight. The Marlins with the victory. Now, three and two on the home stand, they have won back to back games to start this series. It's just the 5th time they've won two in a row since the all star break for the Marlins their first series win since capturing two of three in Oakland, August 22nd, 23rd and 24th exactly a month ago, they had been zero 8 and one in their last 9 series, 8 series losses, and the one split in the double header against the Texas Rangers, a couple of Monday afternoons ago here at loan depot park. For the Marlins, if you go back to the series before the all star break, a sweep at the hands of the Phillies here in Miami before this series, they had been three 16 and two in the last 21 series. They're only series wins. Since that last series before the break, two of three at Pittsburgh's lie 22nd through the 24th, two or three at home against the Padres August 15th, 16th and 17th and those two of three in Oakland last month, August 22nd, 23rd and 24th. Again, from Miami now, 16 or 15 wins on the season against the nationals. 15 and three against the Nats with one game to go, it matches the most winsome ones I've ever had against a single opponent in a season there are 15 and four against the mets in 2004. It matches the Dodgers with 15 wins against single opponents. The only other team that's done it here in Major League Baseball in 2022, the Dodgers, 15 four against the Giants. They're done with San Francisco. Marlins are 15 and three against the nationals with one to play still here tomorrow in the home stand finale, Edward Cabrera is going to pitch for Miami looking to go to 7 and three in the year and he'll match up with the former Marlin right hand Ron Sanchez, who the Marlins beat, who sandy beat in Washington just last Sunday. The Marlins daughter nation working together to strike out cancer in our community every time Marlin's pitch record to strike out this season, $25 be donated to our nation's driving initiative support cancer research. Tonight, a total of 12 strikeouts, 11 for sandy, won by Dylan floro. That means $300 from tonight's ball game and for the season now with 1342 strikeouts by the staff 33,000 $550 from the Marlins foundation to AutoNation's drive pink initiative. Marlins have beaten the nationals four to one tonight in Miami, we'll take a break when we come back, Kelly sacko is going to talk with Jacob stallings. We'll hear from Don magni to and we'll check the out of town scoreboard. So stay with us on the tenth inning show after a four one Marlins went over the nationals on the Marlins trader network driven by our nation. As simple, there's no better place than Kurosawa and with a short fly from Miami. There's no better time than now. This island gem is filled with vibrant color, a unique blend of European in Caribbean culture and an endless list of

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