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Given or just the most ludicrous. One all start with mine while you think because mine is I, I love telling the story I was and it actually has to do with airland. I was detained for I've. Got, sorry, go ahead. DJ -ing for this rapper named kid sister back in the day, and we were playing a sponsored show in Dublin, and I Tommy hilfiger was one of the sponsors. And so during the day they took us to the Tommy hilfiger store in Dublin. Okay. And it was the only time in my entire life where the guy just literally said, take whatever you want. I like looked at him because that's every little kids dream of I go shopping spree. Supermarket sweep. Yeah, yeah. And boy, I clean them out. Yeah, it was. It's it's still a great memory. They shouldn't have let us do it. But you know, we took him to the cleaners. Well, I actually have two different one's one's monetarily. Probably the biggest one is just from my heart. The biggest, yes. The monitor military one is from a tastic Australian, jeweler, super talented and jeweler. Atonal. Goldsmith. Okay. And it was for the premiere of game of thrones? I think it was season for we talked about this chin, like almost like a almost like a rob chin. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Know, mayor China with a capital. I'm not a person who wears top. Warns, it's impossible. I always felt very uncomfortable. What is worse? Strange. Yeah, strange. We talked about my love of Roberts and the movie watership dying. Okay. On the fucking off the chin ways, tongue whole chair. This made a huge them even me, it's really on its ninety eight here. The Chad has made actual links of running rabbit's h one reason Cise and he's a illion Roberts that Geiger rabbit in the middle with huge stone in the middle of covering gold and silver, holy shit. That's a legit like rap pad those house. They just give it to me. Wow, have ensured for the high figures that was a one office museum piece, but the. Funny, I'm a huge world of warcraft on. Okay, I go to of blizzard maybe six years ago for me. That was like really want Goodman, right? Yeah, I was. I was. You know, they get celebrity visitors there all the time in the anybody. But I mean there, yeah, with view, you know, that's great company to be affiliated with. I really love among I. I've lost friends partners over the. I was able to, I was able to tell them things they might known. Yeah, yes. So end to the end of the Terry always get to close, which is like, oh, the sort of the merchandise, right? We went into this closet. It was like nirvana. All the stuff, all the stuff on the house, like bin bag. Like it's supposed to Adams apartment. So I felt I turned right into the guy was like cooking. Another one. I think so, yeah. Okay. I ended up with three Ben by foam sword at apparently to this day, there's a who rule. What one item. Because I asked him for everybody. And so if you're in blizzard on the ship, that's my and I have at all. That's where do you put it. Well, my mother doesn't let me put it on display at my own house. Is. Some of the some of the ones that you didn't like I have to. I mean, people really do get passionate about that GAM I was. I was a gamer much earlier on in my life, and then I kind of realized that I had no self control with it and that if I wanted to accomplish anything else, I kinda just had to like cold Turkey stop, but I have so many friends both then. And now that are still huge gamers I'm in. I almost lost friends world of work or worse. Yeah. Just don't understand why you why you forgoing my my offers.

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