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In the Greenwood area between seventy thirty one hundred this is for safer social distancing for people walking and bicycling our next como traffic at twelve fifty four I'm John Nelson and if you're como eco roof forecast showers are tapering off around western Washington still if you're out there and breezy conditions for the afternoon but also the couple's son breaks upper fifties not to sixty degrees in many places but we're gonna beat that tomorrow as we go to the low to mid sixties under partly sunny skies on Sunday rain returns on Monday and linger through Wednesday in the couple of the center and some companies for your real life and real future time and honor talking you'll have a standing or sitting in the Tatian whichever you may be doing at your home that you're probably locked in to to join us here on the show by calling eight five five nine three five five eight five five nine three five eight two five five you can call us live on Saturdays because we're here between the hours of with new into on the west coast three in five three to five on the east coast or you call twenty four hours a day eight five five nine three five eight two five five in before the break we were talking a little bit about taking money out of your house and that reminded me of something I read today in The Washington Post Michelle Singletary is a columnist for The Washington Post Michelle single Terry is a big advocate of paying down your mortgage because she feels like it's a safe way to make three or four or five percent on your money but we disagree we're trying to find a way to understand what she's what she's going for but there's a problem with houses you see it's not like paying down the credit card.

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