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You raise your eyebrows. Like sometimes the autumn. Sorry all. that's all i get. All we can do there is no greater and shelby. Lynne is on the album. Yeah are you guys pals from actually never met you know. Run run into certain similar circles renault. We hadn't and that was very organic. That was one of the songs direct darlan hold on bush. I talked about having a woman sing with me and val mccallum was playing guitar. He plays with her quite a bit. And i think he'd he'd measure name is like heading occurred to me. It's always better when he can do it that way. It's not enough to call on your favorite singer. Does he have any chemistry. You can't just have my agent call somebody else. It's organic and starts out like something like asking. Vowel would you mind is getting duchess. She's in inches around and she wanted to and thankfully she did and You know. I think we gave her one song. She came in. She was done in fifteen minutes. And vicious that good I know your background is a lot of harmony singing. That's a. I'm lyn sanger really i can. I can go stu and of course something like that. But you know hiring needed. Find those those notes in sean sesame. Go the third the fifth. I'm it's not my strength. Shock is like she's both you know she's a tremendous singers young writer but she and.

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