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Way it gets colder is the length of time that it runs and so You may never get the 60 degrees and you can actually burn the system out, set it to whatever comfort level you really wanted to be at 72 or 75 move that air around more by switching on and getting those ceiling fans and I'm a big proponent. I think everybody if you if you have central air, and even if you don't a couple of those Lasko about box fans that are made in the area, put him in your home and start moving stuff around. You'll be amazed at how much more comfortable you're s silly. True, even if it's a ground level, because as you mentioned the ground love the closer to the ground, the cooler the air is hired up the warmer it is. And that and that brings me to a question. Lou Man asked a question right now, OK? If you do have ceiling fans, they have that reverse capability. Correct Now. The idea is that in the winter You want the air to move from the up to the down and then in the summer, you want to go from the down to the up. Is that right? Well in the summer. I don't really care because it's just about moving the air. The reason you change it in the winter is typically you don't want to feel the draft when it's cold. Right. And so as and so that's why you would reverse it. But in the summertime, as long as I'm moving the air, I really don't care. But of course, if it's blowing down on you, you're sitting on the couch or You're lying in bed. You have a ceiling fan over you and I can feel that nice breeze then Yes, Summertime. It should blow on your face and winter time. It should suck away from you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, God. All right, All right. You all have dirty minds. He's talking about a ceiling fan. I am. Yeah. Son of a All right, Let me get Steve in here before we get to go, Steve. Go ahead, sir. Llewyn first Enjoy both your shows that I wasn't you religiously every Saturday. Thank you. This is a relatively easy one. We have a couple of skylights ones above our stairs. We have a bungalow, so stares of the second floor in our master bathroom. We have a really large style it and when it gets like it just bakes everything around. So my question is Bake age for Scotland, and if they're very, very high, how would that work? If you have a court hanging down or what? What would you do to open and close rate their automated? There are automated skylight systems that you can put in that our Cordless. In other words, we got to get some electricity up there. That's the problem. Meaning that if there's no power up there, you may have to get an electrician's a wire it and you can open and close it. The other thing you could do with those skylights is you could use spring loaded rods in between there. And just put up a You know, like a sheer piece of material that still allows the light to come through, But it will cut. You know if you did, like some white Shir material that looped around one spring loaded rod at the top in spring water right at the bottom, it would drape a little bit. But it would reduce the heat gain dramatically. Probably by 30 or 40% and visually wouldn't look that bad. Now you have to use a ladder. Obviously to get up there. We're talking about mechanized blinds. You literally could spend $500 a skylight, if not more on something like that. You're not not looking to do that. But you're looking for the easy fix skylight, but you have to do that. Benaissa skylights who are a sponsor have been around since, like, 1966 and they they would definitely be able to help you. Great. Thanks a lot with your state. Appreciate it. All right. Listen to Liu. Tomorrow morning. Seven AM starts 10 AM it ends and you think about it for the next into ing week. That's the way I was doing and they actually listen to rush out to a Nate's hardware. And even if I don't have to buy anything, I just go in and look for a sticky trap or something as somebody last question. Like right now, the pressure rides and go by pressure, right? I don't know why you're going to need one. You and I. We both hop 11 last sponsor plug. We hop in our Chevys yet and we drive days hard. Thank you wrote Thank you. Hello again for Deeney Radio Right now. Kim Jordan's got the W Jen Radio news. 84 degrees at 3 30 Good afternoon. I'm Kim Gordon and News is sponsored by builders Supply outlet. The number of Corona virus cases up again in Illinois for a second day. Another star baseball player ops out of the 2020 season off more on that sports and in business mayor life, tightening the rules on restaurants and bars to prevent the spread of Corona virus, WG and traffic. Here's Lauren laptop. There's now a vehicle fire inbound on the Dan Ryan blocking the left lane at 51st free. Now it's 20 minutes from 95th. A medical emergency north bound on the tri state is still blocking.

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