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Arrested this morning and charged in the shooting death of a woman hit by a stray bullet while sitting in an SUV in the district Police say they have arrested 22 year old Dion Lewis in charge him with first degree murder while armed and connected with the shooting death of 54 year old Pamela Thomas She was sitting in her SUV next to her 8 year old son when she was struck by a stray bullet on February 9th in northeast D.C. Police originally said that there were two groups shooting at each other captain Kevin kentis of the D.C. police homicide unit says now We believe at this time only one individual fire shots and he was firing shots at the other individual from the rival neighbor Gathering bonk to WTO He news In other news today it was a gruesome discovery D.C. police found 5 fetuses in a Capitol Hill apartment WTO's Matt small says we now know more about the person who owns that home She's a 28 year old anti abortion activist named Lauren hardy Handy was one of 9 people charged with federal civil rights offenses after they blocked access to a reproductive health center in the district and streamed it online back in October 2020 Prosecutors say she called the health clinic pretending to need an appointment once there the 8 others pushed their way into locking doors and chaining themselves to furniture while one of them live streamed everything on Facebook according to court documents handy is due back in court Monday Matt's small WTO V news The U.S. attorney's office tells WTO it doesn't typically comment on pending cases we've also reached out to handy and her attorney It's two O 5 the DMV is working on plans to reshape or redo some major roadways And WTO Capitol Hill correspondent Mitchell Miller says the money is coming from the new and massive infrastructure package With these dollars we are going to be able to make I believe a very big difference Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg who recently announced nearly $3 billion in competitive grant programs They're designed to speed up the application process Virginia congresswoman Abigail spanberger says federal dollars will help make improvements to I 95 and bridges that stretch across the Commonwealth There's so much that is available to be done that would help the local economy certainly help contend with chokeholds that drivers feel and experience Overall the Washington area is expected to get close to $18 billion from the infrastructure legislation over the next 5 years On Capitol Hill Mitchell and Miller WTO P news Plastic grocery bags are considered an environmental hazard That's why false church is now doing what other places are their taxing them A 5 cent tax on plastic bags is now in effect The new tax will be in grocery stores convenience stores drug stores and bigger stores that have grocery or drug stores in them Plastic bags that are tax free are the ones you put meat and produce in at the grocery store The ability to tax plastic bags was passed by the Virginia General Assembly in 2020 and last year the Virginia tax commissioner issued guidelines for how counties could do it the.

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