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Gallon and in bensonville, the mobile and Devon and busy also selling gas for three 59 a gallon. It's a 38 traffic and weather together on the 8s here's Brian peck. Our biggest problem this morning on the Eisenhower outbound jam passed Austin to Harlem with a crash in the two right lanes really getting heavy. It is 27 minutes Jane Byrne interchange to mannheim and 45 minutes out to the Jane Adams probably want to consider taking Roosevelt just to avoid that altogether inbound you're clear though. On the Stevenson you're traveling at normal speeds inbound and outbound. I 57 will county. It looks good. Dan Ryan's 12 minutes from the merch in a downtown 12 minutes going back out earlier crash all cleared out. I 57s good in both directions, bishop Ford, you're in great shape right now to stop a lakeshore drive northbound in southbound no major issues there. On the tri state toe away, northbound, we've got that lane shift from sir Mac toll Plaza to pass I two 90, few other areas with some road work going on, but you know what? It's moving nicely. So far this morning, Jane Adams all the tollways are in good shape I 80 and Joliet's looking good, 80 94 northwestern Indiana is doing well, just a little slow at the lane shift between Kennedy avenue and central other than that it looks good and the rest of northwest Indiana moving pretty well. The edens is good inbound and outbound Kennedy still in great shape, 15 minutes either direction, one 90 extension eastbound westbound, no problems getting into or out of the airport from the metro traffic center. Next report 8 48 news radio one O 5 9 WBBL AccuWeather forecast lingering light snow and flurries early otherwise remaining cloudy this afternoon with a snow or rain shower round high 39°. Cloudy inch

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