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Is those six guys up front. Not five six because i have to include the tiny. Yeah and you could also make the argument and this is in the eye of the beholder that they might have the best guy to pull the trigger to get it done. I mean you know john. Lynch's done a great job. I think in many ways less need has done a good job but they regretted some of the moves they've made and then we'll have to wait to see exactly what happens with arizona. John schneider senate over the course of time and he's got that good simpatico with pete carroll's lodico houston protocol relationship. Connect turn on the sap this morning if you're listening on espn deportes with the symphonic. Go there but the bottom laurie. The bulk some of our listeners. If they have their dictionaries i didn't have. I didn't have ready to understand. But i'm on. I'm with these to say. I don't think that word is complicated as many people think it is. But i wouldn't say. I think the relationship between hate muddled on those listening to what region. I'm going to stand firm on them. A lot of people know what that means but that relationship between head coach and general manager stood the test of time. I'm not saying shanahan and lynch and great but carriage snyder gone through lots. Give and pete pete running the organization real question right. he's running. Yeah straight talk wireless no contract compromise. We're presented by progressive insurance all of our guests and the goodyear hotline this morning we're asking. Jj watt signing with the cardinals is fill in the blank. That's the toughest your most. Yeah give us your most awful creative answer. Let us know is it. Something with the andre hopkins. Is it unique. It come and make sense took the money whatever let us know on the way the. Nfl's comeback player of the year is looking for a new home. There are plenty of options including coming back to where it all started..

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