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Your kitchen. Era your fridge refrigerator door in power outage ever open it. Yeah never open. Yeah and that. Christopher columbus banged a a walrus allegedly possibly possibly and either wallers. it might have been amenity. I think manatee. I heard manatees have been mistaken for mermaid and then we'll still we learn. We went down on a weird rabbit hole. Didn't we josh. Peck has a weird hands. Josh peck has weird hands. Chris hemsworth hopefully has a long we. Oddly all care about the condition of chris hemsworth dong. Yeah so that's that's one. We learned something about ourselves. That one sure we definitely did some soul-searching on this podcast and we found out some interesting stuff. I gotta talk to my wife about it. See what she thinks. See how how much she cares about chris. Hemsworth thick probably a lot. But i'll get back to all should yeah. I'm i'm very now. I'm more interested in what gen thinks about chris. Hemsworth strong a great You guys wanna put your shit. Sure on that note at the equipment went twenty two. We talk about it on twitter. Let me know what you think about percents worth and we'll We'll see how it goes. We'll become friends but that that's my personal twitter and you could also follow our real played. Beam deep podcast on twitter at stranger damian. Talk about all types of stuff on there not just the we talk about movies Anything pop culture really so check us out on their end. Let us know if you liked the podcast. If there's anything you want us to change will you know we're always willing to learn and listen to a fan stink episode. Stranger damian's airs every other wednesday. And there we won't. We won't mention at all things said about consent worth is actually about liam's worth And we Have our gaming podcast every monday. gave all pot or every other monday gamble pot and then we stream About five nights a week out win on wednesday we play apex..

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