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I'm Jim Matthews for WWE NewsRadio nine fifty this Thursday will be a, dry sun filled day in the Detroit area but unsettled weather is going to, begin tomorrow and should last through. The weekend. The complete AccuWeather forecast. Coming up that's meteorologist Carl babinski right now it's clear sixty. Six degrees. For Detroit WWE news time one oh. Five an investigation is underway in walled lake after a man's body is found in the water. NewsRadio nine fifty John Hewitt with the latest the body is said to be that of a middle aged, man discovered, by a boater on walled lake Wednesday. Afternoon some one hundred feet, from the shore I asked Oakland County sheriff Mike Bouchard. How long they believe the individual had been there were, obviously not sure in terms of Besse ficitious but we know for a fact that the condition of the body leads us to believe it's been in the. Water for at least a period of days now other or no Overt, signs of a crime having. Been committed. The sheriff says they are treating, this like a crime scene out. Of caution there was a person reported missing. In the area over the weekend but the sheriff remains hesitant to link, the two at least publicly right now in walled lake John Hewitt w w, j NewsRadio nine fifty an arraignment. Yesterday for. The friend of a. Detroit mother whose daughter drowned after falling through a hole in. A bedroom. Floor prosecutors say eleven month old comme. A Davis landed in standing water and sewage in the basement of, a home near Finkel and. The Southfield freeway on the city's west side the mother old decide Jordan allegedly left her daughter in the, care of, her friend twenty eight year old Tanya. Peterson both adults were aware, of the hazardous an unsafe condition in the bedroom Jordan. An Peterson now charged with manslaughter and second degree child, abuse Detroit police are investigating after a baby falls out of a window WWE Zara Huber has the story it happened on hickory near east state fair and Shane, are on Detroit's Inside the mother of the eight month old. Boy told police that she left the child on the bed upstairs which was. Against the wall near the window and she went down to get, a bottle police say she heard a thump and when she went back up saw that her. Son had, pushed the box found out of the window he went along with it following two stories that child remains in critical condition no word yet on any charges. But police believe it was accidental the Hoover WJ NewsRadio nine fifty a new report says the government didn't act fast enough to deal with the big Takata airbag recall WWE. Ought to be a reporter Jeff Gilbert explains while quick action wouldn't have prevented the problem says the auditor's. Report it, could have helped the government more quickly identify the large scope of what's. Now, the biggest auto recall ever another criticism of government. Safety regulators, no way to monitor whether people are getting their recalled vehicles fixed. And that's been a big issue. When that the recall today's report follows, earlier findings that have been critic The National Highway Traffic. Safety administration's handling of.

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