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Her whole purpose in her whole idea was just to be an entertaining. Sci-fi story moved her guns slow as a snail and floated towards the nightstand. It was one of the first. I by stories that i ever wrote a lot of people. Don't know this about me. But i am a huge john nra purist. I believe that every genre has very specific ways that the readers appreciate it. I don't like to break that. Like for instance in romance. They say you have to have a happy ending if you don't have a happy ending you're like straddling the line of maybe a different john even and so when i wrote emma. The idea wasn't just that she was going to kick this aliens. But one hundred slammed the activation by smell the stench of the mothers breath as they were almost face to face she heard the sound of the catcher as the blind light washed over the or the secret surprise ending was going to be like the biggest thing ever. It was that. I wanted to stay true to what sci-fi is and when you're thinking about it like that you don't think about making emma so feminist in that way it's like i just need emma to embody what a sci-fi character would man woman or any gender that you decide to take..

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