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Oil money the drunk driving fleeing the scene Apocalypse Now. The corrupt El Paso city council member with the billionaire father-in-law voting with his father-in-law to bulldoze the Brown people and yet rich white people in they're tearing down the wall. He loves abortion, the burglary charge, and now Dave Weigel points out that the picture of beta on the cover of Vanity Fair by any liebowitz which mirrors the anti liebowitz picture of John Edwards with his dog in his pickup truck and another Conde nast cover with a story written by the same person photographed by the same person, John Edwards launched his political as bid for the presidency, and now Dave Weigel at the post points out at the doctor evil post that the pos- that struck on the cover of Vanity Fair and the clothing that he's wearing doubtless staged by any liebowitz, excuse me, any Li Vits is exactly. The same. As Ronald Reagan on time magazine man of the year cover wearing a denim shirt. Blue jeans with both his hands kind of tucked in his back pockets of his jeans posed Baidoa Rourke exactly the same way. And now so they're trying to make him look Reaganesque. I guess is the effort here, and it's a propaganda factory. As the world has never seen. Also, the the good people at the free beacon have put together. Some great stuff beta or work in high school, and he went to a high school, a private exclusive high school in Virginia and somebody already found his yearbook and areas with his yearbook and he's got some punk rock stuff. He's got some of this. But then there are pictures from his yearbook of the students posing with their big.

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