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Of cyclic and duration within the cycles of experimental versus philosophy cetera. Yeah i mean there's so many things to say here One i think is you know. Philosophers can be become quite defensive if you're if they're see mainly as a kind of like a statistics department university away to clean up people's thinking in whatever discipline they do right. That is a kind of mental hygiene so that people get a little bit of a sense of what they are getting confused over and help them realize the contradictions in their own thoughts. So kind of consult a thinking consult right but caused philosophies don't want to consider themselves that they have their own interest like statisticians had their own formal interest in there to do a power analysis for you right so ed says a little bit of that when it comes to philosophy especially might supplied to science but on not on that you know and then as we you and i have talked before no hassle. China's talked about this idea that the philosophy of science is sort of complimentary signs thinking about the things that scientists in their daily activities. Crossover right. it's just filling in the gaps. And another way that i would put it. Is you know. I just did a podcast recently on skill learning. And you know. I made the point that athletes or thomas or they're lower level stuff that they can devote their comission two strategies working out the opponents going to do next in other words. We're wearing so much as amateurs about backhand we can't possibly think about what our opponents during so you know you actually shunt your cognitive your precious coverage of resources to high level problems because everything else traumatized the problem i think in science and in nearest science in particular is that reversed what happens is scientists. Prematurely automaton is the important ideas and to vote all their thinking to lower level level methodological problems so they stop thinking about the big. What's representation what's inference..

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