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Of people will be staring into the skies today when the moon comes in front of a firm during the solar eclipse all of north dakota including south dakota will experience the event in an area from oregon to south carolina alexandria mayor minnesota astronomy an air clips expert michael peterson's those those kind of event is rather rare in some way as and then in some ways it's not so rare peterson says a total eclipse track begins over oregon earlier this morning southern residents want experience a complete darkened sky which means that won't be safe to walk at another pure business house announced that they are closing their doors according to enter since clothing business owner mike geese lawyer and chamberlain he has announced that he is closing the anderson's clothing store in pure the business has been in operation and pure for decades they will be closing their doors around september slicks through the 10th they will have sales on the current inventory until them neither do nongovernmental the reason for the closure buddy appreciates the business over the last several years it's a great community he added he has the chamberlain store that he owns is not closing and he hasn't made any official announcement yet what state senator meal tabio of watertown appears headed towards the ron christie gnomes yours house lead in 2018 the first term state lawmaker says he is close to make an official announcement i'm looking for the highest platform possible to be able to fight the it shoes at i care about i care about foreign policy i care about national security i care about the war on radical islamic terrorism w there are some big issues that are not being addressed in dc ah i want to raise that level to the highest level and so in that sense i am seriously considering the a run for the us house i'll make a decision either later this year or during session next year but i'm leaning towards a throw him ahead in the ring secretary of state chantelle curbs and former public utilities commissioner dusty johnson or to republican throughball ready launch their campaigns for the republican nomination for was like a judge tim bjorkman and political newcomer kris mardyan have announced they are running for house on the democratic side former through falls police officer george hendrickson is running as an independent candidates liquor on.

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