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Presumably is the fact that the shooter was driving a car that looked an awful lot like RCMP vehicle. And we're now learning was actually wearing. Rcmp uniform. What would that do in terms of As I say complicating the response. Yeah we don't seem to get information on that if you follow the Nova Scotia. Rcmp twitter feed until mid morning until about nine a m And so so it seems that the is probably not sure exactly what happened but it would mean the initial response The local population would likely be confused. I mean clearly was trying to it. Seems from the reports that we have from some of the witnesses that he was trying to go up to people's houses and knock on their door But if they didn't respond then he would leave again even though he could've blown open the lock for instance with one of his firearms so it seems he was deliberately trying to prey on people with the uniform and try to get a reaction out of them. This might also explain why on the initial response And a sworn member Bush shot and killed because perhaps they might have been confused by the uniform even though they didn't necessarily recognize the individual how does civilian get a hold of RCMP uniform. Oh it's relatively easy. Go down to your local military surplus store and just pick up a uniform Now members are supposed to destroy these When they leave the force but there's no Inventory system that I know of that actually insures that people destroy the uniform and so I think one of things they'll be looking at is should people be handing in their uniform for instance instead of Relying on members themselves to To destroy it but yeah I mean if you if you look line go to your military surplus store You'll be able to pick up your local uniform. I think people would probably be fairly alarmed by that. If they don't know that you could just go down to the surplus store th that it's that easy to get a hold of RCMP and actually not at not a replica but actual RCMP uniform. Yeah and it seems to this. Individual of course specialized in trying to acquire authentic Rcmp Mcgeer everything from cars to is too so he would've gone out of his way to likely get a uniform that was the real thing And clearly had intended into instrumentalise that uniform For the sake of impersonating a police officer in getting a a reaction out of people and possibly as you point out Having causing consumer confusion in the process for the RCMP. Themselves trying to Trying to ascertain that that the uniform as being impersonated In the course of a pursue it and it allowed him to probably do a lot more harm Given that some of the individuals on the road were likely duped by him. Donning the uniform as well. What is this tragedy? Tell you about the level of policing rural Canadians receive There are significant number. Rcmp members who die in rural communities. Twenty seventeen the Nova Scotia lost a member in Amherst that These challenging areas to police in addition we all know without the RCMP has institutional culture problems that then bring on recruitment problems which means often detachments short-staffed especially on weekends. We know from two thousand nineteen auditor. General's report that the RCN PS had challenges with the rollout of the carbines eight. So the long The long guns That they would need to have in their vehicles They've had John's with the rollout in terms of the body armor Four four members And so one of the things that investigation will be looking at is Was the local member Trained and equipped the way. They should have been more than twenty seventeen. In New Brunswick provincial court found the RCMP. Guilty under liable under the Canada Labor Code With regards to their shooting shooting in Moncton We know there's problems with regards to the maintenance of those rifles with regards to certification on the carbines And even if you have The the Carbine The member might have not signed him out because it's ultimately up to the member to decide whether they're going to sign up for that evening when they go on their shift or not it requires extra people were some of the members. Say you know. It's probably not going to be necessary on Saturday night. The worst him to have is that domestic dispute that might have to deal with So all of those. I think we'll be part of the investigation. That's why Chief Superintendent Leather said that this is going to be a long investigation trying to establish all those details at the time line of what transpired Christian. Good to speak with you about this. There are a lot of questions still to be asking questions coming from those who were directly affected by that W Atkinson. Thank you my pleasure Chris Christie practice a professor at Royal Military College and the School of Policy Studies at Queen's University we did invite the Commissioner of the RCMP. Brenda look to join us on the program and she was not available this morning the. Cbc News is coming up. And then we'll be talking about tracking down silence spreaders people who have Cova nineteen but no symptoms to real mystery and not knowing how many of those silence spreaders are out. There leaves us vulnerable to not actually knowing how widespread nineteen actually is in our communities. We will talk more about that coming up. This is the current. My Name's Matt Galloway to take to the news and a heads lives in Ottawa. She hails from Anti Jewish and yesterday in tribute to her Home Province. She played fiddle and posted it up to the ultimate online. Nova Scotia. Kitchen PARTY. Have Listen Good Morning I'm Matt Galloway. You're listening to the current still to come. Hashtag CORONA speak a guy to the slang of this pandemic but I know fever no coughing and yet big threat to public back in February Craig Lee was on a cruise and it was there on that cruise that the retired teacher contracted the corona virus. I was thirty days quarantined in Japan. I arrived back in Canada on the fifth. And I've been here for two weeks on just fine. Never had any symptoms by temperatures normal. My kitchen and my blood was fine. I exercise I slept well. Good appetite and I had no symptoms at all none whatsoever Craig. Lee might have never known that he was infected. If it weren't for the fact that the cruise passengers all underwent testing new. Evidence is suggesting that there may be more people than we realise who are a symptomatic. The so called silent spreaders of the corona virus. You'll recall perhaps that story the captain of that. Us Navy aircraft carrier he was fired after urging more be done about the covert nineteen outbreak on his ship. Tests of nearly all the sailors on that vessel have now been done and the results are fascinating. Sixty percent of those who tested positive had thus far show no symptoms whatsoever. Aclu perhaps as to just how stealthily the virus can move. Dr Williams is a professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Longtime Advisor to the US Centers for Disease Control. Dr Good Morning. Good to be with great to have you. This is as I say a fascinating topic. What exactly do we mean by? Silence spread or silent transmission of something like Corona virus will exactly as you were saying not everyone who acquires the corona virus. Get Sick and they can be carriers if you will of the corona virus even though they have no symptoms whatsoever and can nonetheless be capable of spreading it to others who may then themselves become sick so they are indeed silence spreaders in the community. It's a very clever way. This virus has developed for getting around and being so contagious. One of the reasons why people are talking about this as I mentioned this story of the. Us aircraft carrier where they tested all the sailors. Sixty percent of them were With the virus were as symptomatic. Did that figure. Surprise me that sixty percent of the people who had Covert nineteen would have no symptoms whatsoever. It struck me as astounding. As a matter of fact we anticipated that some of course would be without symptoms but sixty percent. Now let's pause for a moment because this is a young very healthy population and perhaps that's larger than it would be among people who have gray hair but nonetheless the less it's striking and it speaks to what may be happening in our community. Those young people who seem to be unaffected or relatively sold by the corona virus. They could actually be the disseminators throughout the community just to be clear the fact that they are young and healthy and fit that means that the virus would affect them in a different way. Well it's been a striking feature of the corona virus that children and young adults are much less effected. They're much less likely to become sick than older person. And we thought for some reason the virus just ignored them or never was able to establish infection. But what we're learning is that the infection does take place but they are. Their immune system is sufficiently strong. That it kind of keeps the virus in check and they don't get sick but while they have the virus they can give it to others. The aircraft carrier is one of the stories against sixty percent as symptomatic there. Iceland has found something like fifty percents of those who are infected with cove. Nineteen are a symptomatic. Dr Anthony Fauci in the United States says that between twenty five and fifty percent of cases could be symptomatic. Do we have any idea how many people could be silently carrying this virus not yet we have small indication with a little study here and there but as we develop these antibodies studies. Those are studies of proteins in blood. That can tell us whether we've been infected in the past. Those studies are going to be rolling out over the next couple of months at a across the country and that will give us a better idea of WHO's been infected but who's never had symptom we. We'll see the modeling that comes out and you'll hear on a daily basis whether it's In individual states or cities or provinces here in Canada or right across the country the number of cases. This is We have five hundred cases today. We have one thousand cases today. Do we have based on that. We have any idea how many cases of covert nineteen there are just across around the world. We know how many people are getting sick. That's been well established in fact seriously sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. Those people are being counted. Well and that's what we usually seeing the figures but people who have minimum symptoms or no symptoms. We don't know you know Matt. This is the reason that wearing masks is so important to protect ourselves as well as to make sure that we who may have the infection and not know it. Don't give it to someone else. And that's the very basis of the recommendation that everyone who goes out should be masked now. What do we know about how somebody who is a symptomatic who has a cove in Nineteen? But no symptoms. How do they spread the virus? Spread through breathing. Because this is a virus that gets back up in your throat and down into your bronchial tubes and as you exhale microscopically. The virus is in the air that we exhale. And if you're standing within three to six feet of me inhaling you may inhale some of what I've exhaled along with the virus and thus I who was infected can inadvertently infect you even if you're not coughing even if you're not sneezing just by breathing just by breathing. Coughing and sneezing. Those are symptoms obviously will project the virus and even longer distances and may bring up more virus but even breathing is sufficient for the virus to get from me to you..

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