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And i'm i'm so i'm going to basically have to build with a fire retardant class a under layment for my skirt okay and then my top has to be that must also have to build it with heavy timber Because that's fire retardant. So i'm having to do not your typical deck. But you know i get when you talk about things that are you know trends. Were starting to see more specialty items like debts that are class-a because there's a huge knee. I become really good friends with the guy at timber attack forgetting his latest information on classifying it as a class a. because every building department is like what do you mean it's class-a and you can't just say you have to prove it with the u. l. number or some kind of test and i just i'm just i'm really lucky because it's a gorgeous deck and it's class-a so it's a win with yeah and you think about a would deck. That's that's a class. C considered a classy. And how they how they figure that is about. It's a it's a basically a flame spread test is what it is that keeps it so you think about how flames spreads across a piece of wood. The composites it spreads similarly to be a classy and only timber. Tech is the only one that i'm aware of that. Has that class a rating so that makes it so. It doesn't have the flinch bread. I i don't even shop any more for deck materials. I go straight to protect. Because they're now it's not all of their debts but they're vintage. Similar lines is all class a and it comes dark brown. It comes into whether gray comes at a light brown. And i think it comes in about eleven or twelve different colors and shades. And there's something that works with all of them and it's easy to work with you can cut it like would you can nail like wood. It's got its own fastening systems. You can do whichever works best. But i i mean i used to like them just because they were pretty and so. When when i was told that my by project i'd done decade and a half ago in belair needed a new director. Replace the would. I immediately went to temper attacked and started looking. See what what it's rating was lo and behold there was an. I have found. I spent maybe four or five years looking. I could find another so. I don't have time to waste. I just go straight there and like david. Could i do that in the northeast to like so. I'm looking into a deck right on a project. So i was looking at doing the steel under layment instead of doing would just doing the march right over it. Yeah and then. I do the timber tech right over. You're not gonna. You may not remember this. Maybe i told vinnie not you but i actually recommended that deck mostly because it doesn't get as hot when you're walking on it would does but it is i talk event. You find one material like this. That's gorgeous easy to walk on. Doesn't splinter doesn't need any upkeep and it's fireproof data wins. I can put my brain power. Something else yup good product. very simple. David we've done well past the hour. I hate this. I guys week do that okay. Is there anything else that you wanted to save. Rather anything else you wanted to add to this conversation your website how people can contact you. How can we find. I like cold pizza. You know it's funny. You should say that my website is right now under construction and you won't find deadly. I am so detail oriented The people that host my website. And i love them. They're so sweet. They bought up a company that built websites. So i said i'll just be loyal. Let me use you. The guy and i just couldn't see i. I would say he moved this a little bit to laugh candies.

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