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Of them. He's got a two seam that'll run away from the left handed hitter. He's got a four seam with the top velocity and a cutter like that last bit the Camargo completely whiffed on the oh two from the stretch in. That's foul back out of play behind the plate. Show of his Twenty-three starts. Fourteen of them. We're six plus innings quality startled you and I will have Shinde Colfax common. In a moment of them were seven or more. And I'm going to get to something else is a strikeout pitcher. Ball is. Taking one to Camargo breaking ball just got away. How made me got a little bit over half tried to get the strike out there. Under fifty one strikeouts in one hundred thirty seven and a third innings. Oh, they they kept their eye on those innings all your loans sarisi he started the season to begin with and the minor league. Here's the swung on and missed by Camargo. He has gone strikeout. Number two. Already for young bueller. So. Twelve strikeouts against Colorado game just a couple of weeks ago. Times at nine three other times yet nine cage in a bunch of eight cage. He can bring it he RA through July was three point six five. He lowered at the two point six two in the last two months of the season that tell you that you have a hot pitcher Kurt Suzuki thirty five years young birthday couple of days ago. Little behind that. Fastball. Strike one. Archaic is the runner at first he walked we're no score. Bottom of the second game three and LDS dodgers lead two games to none. The stretch to the writing Suzuki slog down the line just foul and it almost took out Lance Barksdale the empire down third. Almost came closer to hit me on fire than it did being a fair ball. Walker? Buehler has one career start against the graves that was back on the eighth of June. It was a seven to three win..

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