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Like the personification of the last hundred years of film. Could possibly. Throughout film history. It was it was very much an education. I mean, obviously working with with the his zone, and he'd always allowed so much from him. So I mean, that's what was that. Was. It was amazing about it getting inside track on days film, heroes and heroines and getting getting to sort of see behind the cut, and I guess. Gets one for whatever reason it can't went through rations, I know to end up happening for you. But when something like theory of everything happens for you, and Eddie are you by that time like you've been in the business you've had films that have probably been said to be this is going to be the one. This is the one that changes. Everything doesn't always happen that way. So like when something like that comes around, and you've got a call filmmaker in amazing story, it seems like on paper it's going to be the right thing. Do you go in optimistic or kind of like are you protecting yourself from disappointment? Yeah. I think I think you have to. I mean, you have to believe in the story. I guess what a heartless should you? Wait a little at your life. And if you look at the future young you can't I mean, you can't really predict that. I think there was something in theory. That was quite powerful is is the when when Stephen by necessity has the screen in front of him and communicates who the screen that was something about that. That was tapping into where we all on out. The actually Stephen hawking was aliens ahead of us all because now we all communicate through screens. And there was something in the Madonna ty- of that in the almost the fusion of the human the machine, which he it which he became at the end of his life, which enabled him oversee to continue to communicate that was sort of predicting where kind of where we are now. That took it into a universal spheres wasn't just in the in the domestic space. Also must have been just a joy to go through that expect kind of crazy world when with something like Eddie good head on his shoulders. Tasty. I mean, he we just push each other. And we've just been walking together with Tom hall PO and the three of us would like maniacs. We just couldn't we couldn't leave the until every every stone was unturned and explode every two ration- of possibility. He broke on the film, as you know, his he he got hurt. But you you came out of it unscathed. I breezed if he ribs. Okay. Okay. We'll kind of a famous was. I was talking to him recently about it 'aeronautics. And I was like it sounds like, oh, it's a lovely go. But a hot air balloon. It's little Ron com. This is like an intense tale. Will will they make it the end of the movie? Yeah, it was. It was definitely a child by five. From now or so probably be back here. Hey fee with all my limbs in time. Well, what you're planning the next. Exactly he knows what can happen. We mocking up stuns. Interview. My wife's begging me she wants to go up in a hot air balloon for years. And like we actually went we were going one time. But as the winds have to be just right? Yeah. It's a perilous experience I can I can tell. tell is are saying, I know a lot of could tell you. So would you recommend now having onto this experience? Should I acquiesce to my wife and go up on a hot air balloon? Or is it too dangerous? Whenever again. Not relying on those winds. That's for sure. Really giving me a great gift exactly state headed to the ground. That's what I'd say something that you and both at share which is meticulousness like a real kind of like, you said not leaving any stone unturned has always been the case is that just sort of like, that's that's your method. That's what gives you. Joy in a weird way. Hatred. You're welcome. Exactly. I mean, how are you going to do? I don't trust the people that are satisfied with them selves. Doubted anyone get anywhere really loving. Kids out there. Just accept the hatred yourself and move on. We're all fucked up. Embrace it. I mean, I think I mean, you probably empathize. It sort of perfectionism, isn't it ultimately?.

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