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It was recalling we're talking with hank roth and we're taking calls one eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six talking about the plight of athletic directors and coaches these days twenty hank guys remember some years ago i was the head coach at emerson college baseball and there was some sort of bang bang play in the game late in the game and obviously i was angry is a call had gone against my team and i was going sort of face to face with the home plate empire trying to watch what i was saying but at some point i said you know i'll make sure i said i'll make sure you'll never work any of my games ever again this happened to be during a playoff situation too and of course we lost the game twenty four hours later we will new game and guess what say so fortunately he you know he understood what i was just angry and upset at the moment but yeah so we we shook hands and had a smile on my face we wanted was fine but that's you know that's that's the expected when it happens in the course of the heat of battle but it's it's all different when you get to the point of making serious threats are using bad language or whatever so just a quick story i had a an empire who i respected greatly and thought he was a good official but he made a bad play thank play at the plate cost me a game and actually the league championships i following him out to the parking lot with a baseball in my hand and i said you see this this is a baseball catcher dropped the ball and you didn't you didn't see it i felt stupid i drove home i felt badly phone i called them and real and apologized he calls me back about a week later said i just got a new pair of glasses that's funny let's let's move on let's go to let's go to vernon right here in manhattan vernon good morning you're on the fan ramona how you guys doing good how are you vernon.

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