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Guess what if they lose he'll be a los angeles laker ju i just don't see it any other way i don't see it any other way it just makes too much sense and people say why would he go to the west do you see what he's doing so the warriors right now so you don't think he can assemble like voltron over there with the lakers and get a tape competitive enough to play against the warriors wake up and smell the coffee you'll be a laker if they lose nobody will have a profitable him getting up and leaving the haters will unfortunately we live we live in the disgusting era of somehow that greatest player on the planet to do something wrong i mean the fifty one point somehow he did something wrong he's there ryan holland joining us in behan list is there are there certain places that for his legacy in your own opinion as a guy who believes he is the greatest of all time and a lot of people are starting to take that stance are there places the in your opinion he just can't go because in some way that would taint something like if he goes to a built if he does what katy did nama thunder fan so i'm still bitter about this but if he goes to a team that is really really good and doesn't even necessarily need him versus if he goes to a team that hasn't necessarily want anything yet cheers all is winning i don't i don't care what happens when you put a front product on the floor leaning cures all and it's funny katie went from the snake the most despicable thing on the earth to all of a sudden they actually say there are people like paul pierce paul pierce of all people like my family like paul you that crazy life they said that kevin durant is better than lebron james somehow kevin durant became better than lebron james last year because they won so winning cures all over a new man he warriors katie joins you tell me he joins houston we don't think any differently about him winning winning a championship a houston than we do at winning one this year or another year at cleveland or with a young team like the sixers you told me those are the it doesn't matter.

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