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For seattle new not do not draft to at well for the rams draft already answered terrorist marshall for the panthers graft draft him ahead of robby anderson. No not yet. I don't know how healthy he is. Yeah the pick makes perfect sense. Because joe brady was at lsu. He knows terrence. Marshall can do terrace. Marshall knows with this offense is all about. it's going to be Not much of a learning curve for. Marshall i do get some terry maclaurin type vibes here as far as a receiver. Who is not drafting around one. Who can end up playing like one who does. But he's got to stay healthy and his name with tear scary terrorist marshall scarce terrace. Josh palmer chargers round three pick. No he would call a cop who's on the balcony What do you call now. You can't answer a dajo lose onto a balcony. I dunno terrace marshall terrorists marshall that is outstanding. Dave call a slower jalen guidon. What do you call diabe brown. Drafter draft don't traps by the way and christopher paso gave this pin a the josh palmer pick. This is a starting number two receiver in the nfl. Production hurt by bad quarterback play at tennessee. He's right he's off. The line runs. Chris browse deceptively fast and tracks it. Well downfield herbert needed another weapon. He could be there number three receivers soon as week. One and he can be their number two receiver as soon as week. One twenty twenty two. Okay drafter don't draft amari rogers for green bay draft draft. That's elite pick draft mahlon. If jordan loves the quarterback downdraft okay meco collins for houston only draft him. If only to my rogers. The quarterback has the exact same nico collins. I'm not ready to say draft yet. Would we don't think we should ask questions like that about the texans are we even. We don't jets. If it's the shawn watson he's cleared he's playing week one hundred chance that we like we're gonna take a break from this game and play a new game one more receiver. Can we just finished renewing play new game at that he schwartz for cleveland. Me the schwartz. Be with you know. We're not gonna draft him fun fun. What reid receivers who have run that fast have been horrible. Nfl players it's jj nelson and john ross and marquees goodwin names. So maybe i'm missing some but but there have been a lot of bad ones who've been that many but there have been bad wide. Receivers have been blazing fast. I can't believe how fast they are so don't be seduced by. The speedy does not go to a good spot in cleveland. Either hayward bay all right. What's our new game. We're gonna play a game. Called on the texans current roster or not or no texan. Okay okay dante moncrieff. I know you just gotta embarrass me. I'm going to say he's on the texans roster correct. Yeah chris conley. He is on the roster. You're right chris more. Oh no he's not on the roster he's on the russian one isaiah coulter. He's other asser. Alex erickson isn't it alec. Oas alex erickson a former bengal. No yeah he is. Are you just reading the roster kind of a game was this rob. Okay yes there. S they have like seventeen wide receivers. They have eight running backs. They have six tight ends. I don't understand how they have so many players. None of them are good. No no but that's not. That's not the way the restaurant is work..

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