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We've all become so used to do putting tv on and seeing up another mass shooting in a school we have to decide there were going to come together and change it governor gina raimondo with a news reporters the end of last week in regards to the florida highschool massacre seventeen killed there i wanted just continue the conversation with giovanni for o'chee who is running for governor on the republican side how's the campaigning going or grow up right now i'm i'm in the preparations pages the main thing is i you know i'm going to be giving a speech of tap ballet all started which location do it addict cetera so it's all preparation you need to get a team together you've it needs to be able to execute a plan to start all the pomp and circumstance to you know to daley clan of jumping in conversations it's more about the planning make sure that we're gonna change rhode island i mean we have to do so that's hopefully where you'll get out of my campaign as i go forward uh there's some shuffling going on as we speak right now is just announced that governor raimondo is taking her chief of staff are she i'm sorry she's hired a new chief of staff and taking david ortiz whose uh the main press secretary um moving him over to her reelection campaign and he was the one that was speaking and there was a lot of questions should you be speaking about this fundraising deal with the city democrats in providence when you are actually a paid state worker so there's been some gray area there so now it sounds like josh block is joining governor raimondo's staff office press secretary than david ortiz moves over to her reelection campaign i say this just because of breaking news but also geo how do you go up against three point three five and counting million dollars that the governor has in her campaign funds your are are all excited about it i mean the.

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