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The raise in May. They went 22 6. They have won 16 of their last 17 games. Rays have also gone 729 games since their last complete game back in 2016, Minnesota's at Baltimore tonight. All the poor Orioles have dropped 14 straight games. Miami is at Toronto. The Blue Jays are playing in Buffalo tonight, their new temporary home. Buffaloes Triple a stadium. It's the first and then they did that at times last season, but they'll have fans in the stands Vision the first time Major league Baseball will be played in Buffalo with fans in the stands in the regular season in 105 years. Jays had been playing in Dunedin the whole thing because of the Canadian U. S border in the pandemic issues over the past year or so games involving NL Central Division teams. Detroit is in Milwaukee tonight. Take on the Brewers seven 41st pitch. San Diego is at regular to take on the Cubs. 805 1st pitch. David Weathers son, Ryan Weathers. Opposes Kyle Hendricks and ST Louis is at Los Angeles tonight. Cardinals taking on the Dodgers NL Central Division standings to begin the night Cubs or 30 and 23 half game lead over the Cardinals. Brewers or a game and a half back Reds or 5.5 back and the Pirates are 10 games back your leaders in major league baseball by division in the American like the East, led by the raise the White Sox lead the central, the A's lead the West in the National League. In addition to the Cubs in the central, it's the Mets in the East. San Francisco in the West. A note from down on the farm. This is this is pretty amazing, and I don't know how many more chapters there are to the story. But this is a pretty amazing couple of new chapter's being added to it. Nick Howard was the Reds first round pick in 2014. Out of Virginia. He was a closer And he battled multiple arm and shoulder and back injuries and other issues over the years and never advanced past double A developed a case of the yips. He could not throw the ball over the plate. He had trouble just playing catch with his teammates and throwing them the ball. He was released by the Reds in March of 2019. He went to the Florida baseball ranch to try to get right. It's kind of a version of Dr Line. He got healthy. He got his confidence back. He spent some time in the Royals organization before they released him. The Reds re signed him. He's now 28 years old, healthy Pitching for the first time since 2019 and he's at Chattanooga with the lookouts. He's made eight appearances this year, pitching nine and two thirds innings. He is not a lot of run. Eight appearances, nine and two thirds innings 14 strikeouts and he is said to be throwing in the upper nineties. Getting up to 97 98 miles an hour. How cool is that story? First round pick seven years ago for the Cincinnati Reds. Nic Coward. He was the 19th pick overall, and you talk about a struggle. He pitched it at a Virginia he had saved 20 games. His senior his final season helped lead that team to the college world, Syriza He pitched the 2014 the back half of that season at Dayton, where he made 11 appearances for the Dragons, one on a Daytona in 2015, where his earned run average was nearly seven in 2016 at Daytona, his earned run average was again nearly seven in 2018 at Daytona. His earned run average was 6 23. Has not pitched since 2019 and getting it done on the comeback trail for the Chattanooga Lookouts in eight appearance is good for him. That is a that's really cool story. Alright, May is in the books Reds turn the calendar, too. June, The Reds went 12 and 15 in the month of May there leading hitter Nick Castano's hit 409 for the month. Jesse Winker hit 3 30 for the month. That's on the high end on the low end, Alex Blandino went six for 41 in May. 1 46 soirees hit 1 86. Tyler Stevenson hit 1 88 au Radio Suarez led the Reds in May in homers and an R B. I's stories had eight homers, Winker had seven soirees drove in 17 Nay Quinn drove in 16. Appearances. Pitching wise Sean Doolittle led the Reds and appearances in May with 22 Curse and former had 20. Lucas Simms, 19 Garrett 18 CNL Perez 17, TJ Antone, 17 Wade Miley led the Reds in wins for the month with five Tyler Malli. Five different Reds saved a game in the month of May. There is no designated closer on this team, and in that bullpen, five different pitchers saved games. Simms head three, Antone had three and toned, led the staff and earned run. Average. It 1 61 on the high end Cassio's with 7 22 Garretts. Was 7 80 of note in the month of May, Alex Blandino and Max truck combined for three and a third scoreless innings hang tight. There is much more to get to go to take a look at the home run leaders and more You're heading towards a seven 11th pitch, The Reds and the.

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