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Reo win the fourth American jobs mellor solidly defeated in second single as third and three degrees. Finish for it. It's just so great. It's so great so Zari. Oh running them off their feet password. Stretch so Zari I. I get chills. The during the whole call it's so great The reason it's also so special to me is literally the next day. I went to the sporting store by my house and they were having a fourth of July sale and I bought a pair of Leopold binoculars that my friend Chris Carpet. Neto had recommended because he used them hunting. And I started. I went up to the grandstanded. Emerald and I sat in a friend's box. I didn't pay for and I would just kind of called the races under my breath and I remember after I did that I go you know I kinda could. I think I can kind of this. And at the time I was memorizing them via the Celtics are the saddle towel. And you know. I didn't really know what I was doing it but I knew that I wanted to do it and I could do it and I wanted to. I wanted to feel what I felt when vic called that race like every day and every race and I spent the next six months practicing every chance I could get at Emerald and then down at Portland and it was actually. It was literally about six months from that day. I got to call my first race because it was January. Eighth of two thousand six. A Colt named sue down at Portland Meadows so That race will just always be so special me of course as REO would go on to have a very good breeding career. She produced a couple of really nice horses including a Japanese Think at Japanese champion. Three year old filly of the year. A couple years later has had a couple of Of Good Offspring Mellor. Linda was never quite the same she. She went on mean she ran a good third and the Beverley D. Had A disappointing effort in the flower bowl later that year and then would win the potty stakes at Belmont Park. I hope I'm saying that right might be capitals but had to Ended up retiring after that She had been off for nine months before winning that capital steaks and so not sure exactly what happened but went to her retirement with Five wins from eight starts. Four hundred eighty three scenario would never run again. Suffered an injury and was a bread after that but That one afternoon in July at Hollywood park she was just some kind of brilliant and it is certainly a race. I love so I appreciate guys indulging me on this little segment. I'm having fun with it while we have a little bit of a shortage in racing and so looking forward to probably doing it the next couple of Tuesdays or Wednesdays till we start to pick it up live racing more so but of course. Tampa's returning today Gulfstream's back Thursday and sort. You're getting into another racing weekend. We'll start talking more about those races as we go tomorrow horse player Thursday Valente. The Track Phantom is going to join US looking forward to having the jury on on Friday. And we'll get you ready for the upcoming weekend Appreciate the emails. Keep those come. Jason Charles Bima getting some good ones and What I really love about some of the emails. I'm getting his people reflecting and looking at their own horse playing and asking questions and talking about the things they're trying or doing and Love to see those kind of conversations happening. I don't think they happen enough so All Forum Jason Charles Bima no dot Com. We will see you guys back here tomorrow. Everybody have a great rest of your Wednesday..

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