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Meditation again. I getting comfortable interior now. really helpful. You put your hands on your thighs your palms facing up and if you're in a position to do south put your feet flat on the ground ground. You may get a little bit easier to call right now We're going to start getting me deep breath in out One my breath in out. Now we're going to go through. All of the shocker points. And we're going to imagine as we take a deep breath in going to imagine that great white positive fema light is going into your Shaqra and then on our breath out are letting go if any grace stuck energy from the start with their crowd so the top of our heads to take a deep breath in out one more time and how we're going to move to a third I which is in the center of your eyebrows and take a deep breath in And now time in and out. Now we'RE GONNA go to church ground. Just imagine like in and out of the center of Europe so ticket deep breath in an hour commute Now let's move to our heart. Shock grow which is in the center of your chest ticketed Brenton now. A and now the solar plexus right at the top of your stomach and out and how. I'm more time in now. Now you're say shock ground Which is raining. Take a deep breath in out and a reminder time and And now you are rich talk ra which is a little bit lower than your lower back actually going to imagine the white light coming up from the ground up through the bottoms of our viewpoint and going right to our lower back area and then read out. We're going to imagine the grace chuck energy coming out of our lower back area So deep breath out. How long time now should be. Please call how gotten serve that good positive energy flowing through your body and now we're just going to go through a couple of things that we operate now spence and tongue feeling gratitude feeling with up's coming home harnessing holding on to that feeling so right now the first thing that comes to your mind and then have it in your mind out where you're feeling got gratitude resilient body now just think about maybe wear ducting thinking up originated a frown. How it came to be any good got you have towards thing that you're grateful and that you're feeling that your feeling in your body changes spiel everywhere all over your body. That good feeling Now let's think A second thing that you're grateful for again these can be anything can be super small like you got twenty minute break at work today. They usually don't go on at all. New Super Small doesn't matter but the first thing that comes to your mind and again just feel feeling that field. What is your feeling you think about? The thing will and then just feel it everywhere. Now we're GONNA go to last thing that we're going to do in this meditation and our justice without last thing we're going to be government third thing that were grateful. The first thing that comes ramones Again just think about where you're feeling that gratitude within your body and then you can even think about the story of how this thing came to be any other details. You might think about right now within thing will work. You just deal that feeling towards that thing. Just feel everywhere. Anybody Okay Meditation.

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