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Take a chance on that everybody. Welcome back in Super Bowl. Fifty Four for Miami coming up on Sunday If there is a winner and loser there has to be a most valuable player in the game. The low hanging fruit are the quarterbacks ax. And you could be you keep it simple. You could bet one hundred on mahomes you get better hundred on Garoppolo and you know the worst. That's going to happen. Is You lose. Eighty five dollars because one hundred on mahomes get you a buck fifteen. A one hundred on Jimmy Garoppolo the eastern Illinois Product Act shoutouts year. I'll Land Lincoln there. Jen wants you to seventy five. So you're pretty good shape if the niners win. And you're assuming that a quarterback wins is the Most Valuable Player award. I'M GONNA go a little against the grain here. I'm going to say that if San Francisco wins it's going to go to San Francisco defensive player for creating a bad game for Patrick mahomes unless it's like one of those fifty eight to fifty six type of games but I'm going to go with Nick Bosa from Ohio State. Eighteen one hundred win eighteen hundred. I think that that's a pretty good bat. And we talked a little bit about your pick. We got to scroll down quite a bit to get to What's his his name from Northern Illinois? Jimmy Ward Jimmy. We're a hundred bucks. That's eight hundred bucks wins you you did. But I don't recall that there was a lot of numbers in the last twenty four hours thirty thousand dollars for one hundred dollars. Bet on Jimmy Ward. Now he's GonNa have to return an interception for a touchdown whereas Nick Bose's there's just GonNa have to pay tackle Patrick mahomes and keep them from creating the office side of the ball I think thirty one twenty eight niners and you want the niners riders to win as well. You WanNA throw a score out there. I don't have one in my head yet but I know both teams are north of twenty five and I also think Three eight three point difference. Okay so we're GONNA go over.

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