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Be exocrine pancreatic insufficiency or EPRI use the symptom checker identify EP I dot com and talk to your doctor paid by Abby the world needs more heroes more action oriented do gooders more here's how I can help right hand side kicks the world of circle is no different than if you're thinking this circle we're glad you're listening circle muscle where cancer of the body soft tissue and bone cancer affects hundreds of thousands of Americans in the circle of foundation of America partners with like minded heroes after keeper said complications to fund and widespread awareness of how you can join forces I work at home workout at home second period methadone treatment at home lately we're doing a lot more which means we're doing a lot less driving my own car insurance from Allstate you keep the same reliable coverage you'd expect only paying for the miles you drive drive less save more with all state all three dot com or call an agent for the daily rate terms conditions and availability insurance company and its affiliates it may not be stomach issues for me it's intense gas or pain or diarrhea sometimes all at once over and over I spent years with the symptoms but could never figure it out no matter what I did they never went away so I decided to break it down for my doctor and get really specific about my symptoms we discovered that exocrine pancreatic insufficiency or EPRI may be the reason for my stomach issues E. P. eyes caused by my pancreas it leads to diarrhea gas bloating stomach pain unexplained weight loss and oily stools the symptoms just don't go away but he P. I can show up with even one symptom the good news API's manageable but to get to the right diagnosis you have to break it down for your doctor and get specific about the severity of your symptoms visit identify EP I dot com to learn more and use the symptom checker to help change the conversation with your doctor brought to you by Abdi welcome back to first light at accu weather meteorologist Carl Babinski checks the Monday morning.

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