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Eight thirty-three at NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. I after thirty two days the government shutdown. We'll probably continue despite a Senate debate on a compromise to end it this week. It's about thirteen hundred pages long and provides five point seven billion dollars for a physical barrier system and other security measures along the southern border. It also includes temporary protections for immigrants brought to the US illegally as children also in the measure nearly thirteen billion dollars for disaster relief aid, the bills a tough sell in the Senate Republicans need seven Democrats to vote yea. Many Democrats have said they won't negotiate until the shutdown is over at San Antonio's airport. TSA agents are still showing up for work despite the government shutdown airport director, Russ handy says they've heard the concerns that security agents may have their minds elsewhere. But so far there are no problems. I haven't seen that to be concerning yet as San Antonio. But certainly we can't ignore the possibility of that's why I think it's very important. So it'd be out there talking to me getting that temperature water. He says it's amazing to see the support from the public as the TSA agents continue to work without pay travelers have been bringing in breakfast tacos. Doughnuts even barbecue to show their support for the agents. If the shutdown is still underway February third it could affect the Super Bowl with less workers. We're gonna have obviously a higher threat level former FBI agent. Manny, Gomez, local Atlanta police are willing to step up, but the sorts of intelligence at the FBI usually provides may be lacking for the third time in two days. A pedestrian has been killed on a San Antonio. Road this time. It was a man whose pick up at broken down on I ten near the rim shopping center, and he was walking to get help. When he was hit by a motorcyclist. He was knocked into the traveled portion of the highway where he was run down by several more vehicles, and at least one eighteen Wheeler. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The motorcycle is hospitalized after fighting. A stubborn fire in a west side warehouse all night, firefighters are calling the building a total loss. Fire. Crews heard explosions inside of the building at highway one fifty one in Penn road when they arrived and reported fire at several different places inside the structure will have to be demolished arson. Investigators are on the scene the all-female eighteenth century period drama. The favorite is a surprise. Big winner in the Oscar nominations favorite is just that among Academy Awards voters nominated for ten awards sigh of holidays, my parents, I hope that might be employed here by you. Something amongst if the children to play with perhaps does nominations included best picture director actress, supporting actress and original screenplay green book also got nominations for best picture and original screenplay as well as Mahershala Ali nominated for best supporting actor and Vigo Mortenson for actor at that film. Other big nominees include the star is born which was nominated for best picture and both Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga the drama Roma about Mexico City in the seventies was also a big winner and the nominations.

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