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Dan formation download sean hannity and the breaking news you might have missed today shawn's insider information hannity is on right now well what is really talking about there is that tray gouty believes that he hasn't been told multiple times by the department of justice that donald trump president trump is not a target of this investigation he believes that he's been told that multiple times and so he comes to the conclusion well if they were only going after russians if the fbi was only going after russians and donald trump's not a target of this investigation then what is all this about and so the mainstream media continues to ignore that piece that mr gowdy i think has clearly set now on multiple occasions but was very clear about it last week and that president trump is not a target of this investigation in his own mind to remember that mr gatty love the fbi and the department of justice i think all americans want to have a good department of justice and fbi doing their job and if they're targeting russians or chinese or what have you that's what we expect them to do however the challenge we have in this is that they actually targeted a political campaign that was donald trump and that's where i think that even though mr gatty believes that the president is not a target of this investigation his campaign is and i think that's where the challenge occurs so last august we issued a subpoena we should have been provided all of this information that we've been asking for over and over and over again we issued a new subpoena and so now we've been waiting we've we've attended to briefings they were very small briefings not a lot of information but we were happy it was progress we believe that there are some documents information that we will review this week that was from this weekend and that was devin nunes on with berea berta romo eight hundred nine point one sean is our toll free telephone number if you wanna be a part of the program all right let's get to our busy phones in the meantime as promised today a lot of news happening out there we got the korean summit on we got great economic news you've got now the media going ballistic over something that we.

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