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Answer. Anything you ask to help you in any way. I can always now. This isn't very interesting question as to what they wanted and may have wanted an I look at it in terms of history. Because if you look at history what you see is it's hit human history is a history of violence marked by gradual increases in the in in in the quality of life. But with. These extraordinary explosions of violence, which have been getting bigger, and there there's no difference in the human being the differences that the more potent the weapons we develop the more terrible the violence. We we prefer patriot on each other. What does this about do you think they want? This is is it suggests we might be some kind of a game almost. Yeah. And that issue between neanderthalensis and cro-magnon home, safety and sapient the more that scientists have studied the enter to lenses. They have found that they from pollen on the ground in certain rectangular kind of patches it was very clear that Neander tolls. Bury their dead and put flowers on those great. We know that in terms of cubic volume the Neanderthal brain was bigger than current chrome onion, home safe. Sapien. And it is also very interesting that that beautiful art in caves that you mentioned it was always attributed until just the last four or five years to the emergence of cro-magnon, homo sapiens, sapient in the caves lescaut in certain areas on the French and Spanish border in that area. But now there have been papers that have written this suggests that Neander to Lynch was also doing some of the will say less realistic, art work and some, but nevertheless, art work in these caves, if Nandor two lenses was peaceful had some sense of soul bury their dead put flowers on the grave had larger brain capacity than this particular model of us. Why was it? Replaced and when you look at as you just said, the singular characteristic of the homo sapiens. Sapien chrome onion of the last forty thousand years has been its evolution through war, and then Lucien of its technology through through Kerr war. And so if you say as they remote viewers, do and the military was blowers, we are dealing with a lot of life in this universe. And that some of it is friendly to us some of it is very neutral as as if they only monitor and then something or some things that are truly hostile would like humanity eradicated from earth without any explanation for why that would be the case either. Then what does friendly mean if you look at the Bill? Shape curve of friendly neutral hostile. What is our gauge for friendliness, if it isn't helping us with tools of war, helping us neutralize nuclear missiles, they definitely have done that. And then you step back and say, well, if we have some of the friendly's that in the nineteen sixties were considered hostile because they were interfering with our minute men missiles, then what is the definition of friendly neutral in hostile from a human point of view. It is seen mostly in largely through the lens of military priorities and nuclear missiles are not going to help anything on earth. That is for sure. And so it appears that if there is if you read out of what happened in the sixties the interference with our minute, ma'am, missiles, what is the priority of the non human? It appears to keep be to keep us alive or to keep some version of live on earth. So what is it that we provide for them that they would even put up with us evolving in developing nuclear missiles until a point..

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