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Jazz but now Jenny's coming out oh joyce hurt Jennings Clinton now. He's not Lynch and this this is where you always makes a mistake. He needs to hold now and he's not now now. He's being punched like Oh shit way behind. He is being punched like it. Come on Jennings. Get back up. If you don't WANNA WANNA clinch back up. Don't take those shots on the glove. Will you give me Tom Camp Two to one fifty nine fifty eight fifty seven six three to one your little short uppercut and left on the inside from Joyce. Damn Jennings approve recovery 'cause I thought he would I'll ballot. I mean one of the to one one of the two but regardless ended up to the body followed by by James another body Joyce face not looking the same. I think he's starting to whipping young. He started tire up twelve reasons. He never been to a reason we know gene's Wentworth CRISCO jennings taking a deep breath through the nostrils mother fucking Joyce aw Joyce to like Jenny size dig deep right now Dr. doors tire to see how you how do you like Robin Than Everywhere Still GonNa Punches Scorn Man. He's still scored on left into the body as jared from Jenny's right here from Jamie on a straight on a button Bubba some say oh that left with May George John that level to the body major. Oh another level make some fucking no no no no no how we'll see her. Mom I gotta see a replay. That was now low man long. Yeah good. I suppose point right did that's. That's I don't even think Jennings's winning this fight but that points that point will end up showing ugly face on school cause some judge is going to fight a lot closer the Dow do who neither Lapook from Jimmy fucking knock down right there. Oh that's low. That's low point. That's low. No that's low. He taken it only give Joy Sammy only given Joyce Zaire take a kid for. Are you gonNA take another might Shit Nah. He's giving them one and he got lucky. Well there you go. I mean he said Fuck. You won't charge me point. We're GONNA give them a low blow replays now now we see that first one though I hope down they put both of them and the point is crucial. Damn I WANNA see to replay that John Jay's awesome Gimme replay on a short. Give me replay it. We go left right Dan. He was stunned here yeah yeah. He was like it'd be would've stayed. There came back with another one and that's what I keep saying all fight. He knew it was on a it was it was it was on a Bella and a little under letissier. Go it was it was both it was right.

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