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And that is traditionally one of the metrics that are used most often to measure the efficacy of you know programs that are meant to keep people out of prison after they've been released back into siding and and i think that sometimes when when people see someone recidivism or that they reaffirmed ended they automatically assume kind of implicitly that they committed a similar crime or crime that's analogous to what they had done before right so if somebody committed a violent crime in in the sort of collective imagination of many americans because we don't we haven't been taught or we don't necessarily have the language to think differently about it we often think that they are doing something that is similar to what they did before but instead oftentimes people are violating parole or even probation for reasons for for you know again quote unquote crimes that are much of a much lower level and lower tier than what they initially were incarcerated for right so that you may have been released on parole and and you have you know a dime bag of marijuana on you and and then you end up back in prison and for a much longer sentence because you evaluated your parole and it doesn't matter what the nature of the crime was it's that you violated one of the conditions of your parole and so i bring that up just because i think sometimes we'll be cd's recidivism numbers people can say like oh man these people go back into society and they engage in the exact same activities and and problems that they were engaged in before but but oftentimes the things that end up putting people back in prison have to do with mental illness they have to do with the sort of drug use or abuse that that again many people do all the time and don't find themselves incarcerated four so i i just wanted to bring that to the conversation because i'm continuously reminded that that folks don't always necessarily understand that that's how recidivism works i think it reminded at people are uncomfortable naming racism is racism that sam sam talked about people that backless attract explain away the disparity marijuana arrested like they did the whole whether it's more crime they neighbor did more dangerous.

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