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The absence of paint carpet fibers from the boss residence on the toboggan gloves and jacket the absence of ronnie long hair on the victims close the suspect african american hair from the site of the sexual assault that was not a match ronnie the fortythree fingerprints that were not a measure ronnie and the existence of six alternate suspects janine xenon and jamie lao clearly think that this standard has been mitt column east out to embarrass county da roxanne cova for her take on the case but she never responded cure was response when kayla ayers was covering the case for fox fortysix charlotte just hours ago the barras county district attorney responded to my multiple requests for comment writing in part quote i've thoroughly reviewed the case personally met with the victim and analyze the changing story of the defendant i stand by the jury's verdict moreover i stand by the victim who never wavered from her identification of running along as her brutal rapist call and ask jamie lao about statement mr long story has been consistent from the very first day that day he went to planning party for a class reunion later on he was at home for a period of time where he spoke on the phone to the mother of his child and then he was later at a party that night numerous people have seen him throughout the day can verify his whereabouts throughout the day in dick so at trial the suggestion that his story has been anything but consistent is simply an effort by the state to mislead and misdirect individuals as to the strength of the evidence in excuse any review of mr long's account of that day would have to acknowledge utter consistency in what it was that he was doing on that day.

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