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Me thank you. I love you our first guest in twenty three years to bring his own sound effects should have done. That's going to be a disaster. Just feel very positive things. I gotta start by asking you about the npr concert. You went into the tiny desk concert. Yes when he fifteen. It became at that point. The most watched tiny desk concert ever more than twenty four million views like that. But i i just recently watched it again. And you seem to be a little confused as to where you are would exports so the story behind that the look on my face was one. I'm just naturally ugly I had no idea what i was doing. You know my manager was like you're going to do. Npr insane like you got to like sing songs and stuff. They didn't say any of that. And it was just like you gotta go do. Npr's i'm like. Okay cool so. I can go hungover like freshly smoking cigarettes. I was smoking cigarettes at a time. Since quit. i really thought. I was going to do like an interview and you know when you think. Npr you'd take really close up to the mic talking and this is how this is going to go this week and we have pain coming in and we. I didn't know what was going to do. So yeah. I didn't think that it was gonna be three hundred people staring at me singing songs with nothing going on and in anticipation for it to be bad and not only and i love this. Was it the most popular tiny desk concert ever but everybody was so blown away that they invited you back to do a concert at npr on the anniversary. And you think. I would have been prepared for that. But you're smoking cigars you yeah. It's just like ours. But no i had a sinus. Infection isn't an sinus infection. Just nature's auto.

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