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Reports a recent data breach of the burger chain. Mcdonald's disclosed the square footage of restaurant play areas. And this is alarming. Those ball pits are thirty feet deep. Who knew whole civilization down there. we talk. Yeah of microbes and disease. We talked to bill bratton earlier in the program. Who was the police chief in los angeles and new york city. And he's gotten baston. He's got a book out about his career. And we talked about the surging crimewave all across america. What to do about it and that sort of thing you can catch it on the podcast at armstrong and getty dot com also though in the conversation and came because i read his Piece in the new york times over the weekend the interviewed him and he's talking about his favorite books one of his all time. Favorite books is and a bunch of people just texted about it. So i'm gonna tell you now. It's called nineteen thirty nine of people's history of the coming of the second world war in what was going on in the world what the attitudes were among various countries of before to start at all. I sounds great. I am scared of anything called people's history because that's what howard zinn zinze infamous. Dangerous has destroyed. America book that so many high schools uses a text book is called a people's history but This one seems so good so far any opportunity to kick howard zinn is is one that must be taken so i appreciate you saying that but the of you into people's attitudes before events and how they were evolved is so interesting because history is always presented as if it were practically inevitable i think was churchill that a wrote that the the how you got to world war one or world war two is more interesting than the event itself. Yes pretty interesting. Yeah yeah well said so. Yeah i'll have to. I'll have to give that to read. That is now in slot one thirty nine of the four hundred fifty books. I've sworn i'm going to read marysville Speaking of of crime in that sort of thing. I just wanted to touch this briefly last weekend was ridiculously bloody at least four major cities reeling from an onslaught of mass shootings over the weekend. Left at least thirty eight people wounded six dead. Police officials alarmed thinking the gun. Violence is a prelude to a bloody summer as the nation emerges from the pandemic which. I'm not sure has anything to do with anything. I mean it's coincident not Causal but police in austin cleveland chicago and savannah georgia all investigating sunday mass shootings. That erupted over six hour streak and again killed six. At least six and thirty eight other people shot which is just spectacular savannah. Chief of police. Roy mentor junior said quote. It's disturbing what we're seeing across the country level of gun violence. All across the country is disturbing and it's senseless baby. A child in a couple of teenagers wounded in that attack. Then they go into the particulars of the shooting in chicago Let's see in austin it was in an entertainment district. A bunch of people shooting each other bubble and then of course because this is from. Abc news the only commentary. About 'cause or what can be done is one thing is clear. Said the governor of our the mayor rather of austin a greater access to firearms does not equal greater public safety. That is the only comment on. How did we get here. Unbelievable one thing is clear. is people having. Guns isn't gonna help. Yeah why do you feel the need to go there. As the perhaps the most bizarre because it's so common assumption in american politics is repeated those who are willing to take a human life risk a life sentence with no parole violate the most sacred law of god and of man of somebody willing to do that will follow gun. Regulations it's an idiotic notion now granted crazy people and felons shouldn't have guns course those are already laws and we should work to enforce them. But there's absolutely nobody. Speaking to a culture of violence a culture of grievance that every grievance is a disaster and must be paid for in blood. Why is nobody talking about the cultural norm. That's the problem. I have multiple firearms to shoot anybody. Not unless they have it common. Which by my standards is virtually nobody. Unless they're threatening my life or my wife's. Why is nobody courageous. Enough to say in much of america particularly black america but certainly not exclusively black america. The attitude is if i am at all aggrieved i get to shoot you and we need the churches and the schools street sweepers into the everybody working on a new way. Nobody wants to talk about that. One more crime related story this is from. Cbs in los angeles residents and business owners are growing frustrated and worrying about the rash of homeless encampment. Fires that have breaking out across southern california. La fire department was talking to cbs. Los angeles and they said every week crews respond to one or two fires at homeless encampments. Oh i'm sorry. I misread that every week. That responding to dozens of fires caused by homeless encampments. Wait a minute. I misread it again. Ladies and gentlemen. La fire department says every day. They're responding to dozens of fires caused by bomb and junkie camps california and. I'm sure you've heard this already. Is tinder dry and about to explode and yet these bombs and junkie said dozens of fires every single day so during the worst drought in state. History have bums on purpose or accidents setting fires every single day. That's just a. That's untenable right. Both property and livelihoods are being impacted by the destruction caused by the fires. One business owner found his downtown property on fire caused more than cost him more than one hundred dollars in merchandise He comments how heartbreaking terrible it is. Here you go. Cbs congratulations on engaging in the political. Correct verbiage that makes you that brands you that the shows you to be enlightened. It's important to note that many people experiencing homelessness do not have access to cell phones so if a fire breaks out they may not have a weight contact authorities. We need to get beyond the wishy. Washy ridiculous people experiencing homelessness thing and recognize what that mayor of aurora colorado discovered. because it's practically universal. I have not heard anybody contradict what he said. Which is that your shelter. people are down and out. maybe they got a habit or whatever drugs or alcohol. But they're trying and they're trying to get back on their feet. The people in the tents. The junky encampments are drug addicts. Who liked to live outside and almost to a person say not moving any damn shelter. And i'm not moving tier super nice housing because he won't let me do drugs. Fu i'd like living outdoors and those are the people setting the fires. The nice people who had one too many medical bills got fired as a cook or whatever and now they can't afford the rent they're not setting any fires there are distinct populations among the homeless and until leaders and media search. Recognize that and talk about an honestly. We're never gonna get anywhere but it california is going to explode in flames and there's a damn good chance it's going to be a junkie fire so we got some good funny stuff gone up next segment in just a moment. I'm going to tell you an interesting economic stat..

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