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This is Arizona's new station K T a R news 92 3 FM. From ABC News. I'm Dave Packer, another grim coronavirus milestone for the United States more than 350,000. Americans have now died from covert 19. The vaccine rollout starting slow. A lot of this is because public health care systems that are already taxed with contact, tracing and managing this actual coded 19 disease are also tax with distributing this vaccine, and they need more help. ABC News, Medical contributor Doctor dairy and sudden But Dr Anthony Fauci and maybe sees this week says things will eventually ramp up on by summer. The U. S should have something approaching herd immunity level from April. May, June, July and August. We do the kind of vaccine implementation that I'm talking about at least a million people a day and maybe more. By the time we end the summer and get to the fall, we will have achieved that level of herd immunity that I think will get us back to some form of normality. Meanwhile, in California, now the epicenter of the U. S Coronavirus Crisis hospital setting a parking lot tents, ambulances waiting up to eight hours. Discharge patients. Some funeral homes, turning away family simply no room for the bodies. 117th CONGRESS convening today, a busy week ahead of Capitol Hill prepares to certify results of the presidential election. Republicans are taking a president Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud. In a statement to ABC News, vice president Mike Pence's chief of staff says Pence shares the concerns of millions of Americans about voter fraud and irregularities in the last election, Dozens of Republican lawmakers are expected to object to certifying the electoral college vote in a joint session of Congress Wednesday. They are demanding a special investigation into allegations of election fraud. Even though recounts audits, courts and state legislatures found no white spread problems. Christine Sloan ABC News Travel today could be the busiest of the entire pandemic already won 15 million people have flown this holiday season. You're listening to ABC News. Arizona's new station. Use station K t a R on hair 92 3 FM online at K T A. R calm and streaming Live on the KTs are new zap, You're breaking news and traffic now. You know, Two good Sunday morning. I'm John Rourke. A man is dead after a fiery early morning crash with the Valley mental light rail train. Tempe Police say the crash happened near Center Parkway in Washington, but around 12 30 this morning when the man's car collided with the front end of the train. Police say the driver died of the scene. The train operator suffered minor injuries. No passengers. On the train of the time. Meantime, a DHS adding an additional 17,234 positive coronavirus cases this morning. This brings the total number of positive cases now toe more than 556,000. No deaths to report the Arizona death toll now stands at 9061. Let's get a check on traffic right now, my Daniel always live in the Valley. Chevy dealers Traffic. Seven. Ramp closures Continue. John Luke, one East and West found We have the on and off ramps closed at Seventh Avenue. And 19th Avenue for the improvement project going on there now the ice 17 frontage Road south bound in men's clothes and cactus to Peoria Avenue for strong brain work. Now we all said the 17 South found on ran close that Cactus road 17 South bound, offering clothes at Peoria. He's closes in effect till the end of February, and it crashed Clarice ages 32nd Street and Indian School Road they supported sponsored by Allstate. With all say, you can really save. Find out just how much you can save today, Visit all ST dot com or Colin agent to get a quote. I'm.

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