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Cadillac of Naperville don't miss the twenty nineteen model year end event going on now at Cadillac of Naperville find your Cadillac Cadillac of Naperville is it a Breville Cadillac dot com in Glen Ellyn the shell at Roosevelt and park as gas for two eighty three in worth the M. start a hard fifteen in Harlem as it for two seventy four WBBM news time three thirty. together on the gate bothered by fast park and relax here's Fredericks into the evening Sir hold a pretty decent twenty two minutes between Montrose and lake cook either side inter outbound outbound side of the Kennedy sixty minutes the Montrose and thirty H. two O. hair back in forty two hundred and ten twenty one from the instruction about Eisenhower twenty six but it's about hide thirty died of route three ninety and outside one hour four minutes in from three ninety to downtown and forty nine for Mannheim heavy from North Avenue the tristate manhunt awesome segment of the predator changed about Stevenson not to better twenty three minutes to get to the tri state thirty three to three fifty five your inbound side pretty bad but I'm First Avenue to Cicero got reports of a crash in any type of engagement on the lake shore drive in fifty one in from three fifty five lake shore drive thirty nine for the tri state twenty seven from Cicero and event at Soldier Field causing a lot of that inbound delay especially between David a lake shore drive fifty five north and southbound the will county around river ready to find some delays because I'm going roadwork it taken down to one lane either side about and Ryan twenty nine to get to ninety fifth result also on the inbound Stevenson rap off the outbound and Ryan and the inbound side from the Dan Ryan express lanes for thirty fifth tighten thirty first in the locals and thirty one minutes from ninety fifth to get into downtown fifty seven looks pretty good the bishop Ford out bounce off the run stony island and about from a hundred and fifty eight that makes an eighteen minute ride either way between eighty ninety four and the Dan Ryan traffic is sponsored by fast parking relax a traveling from Chicago's midway airport when park at fast parking relax enjoy indoor parking just two minutes away for only eleven dollars a day their van will take you right to the terminal on time every time visit them at the fast park dot com for reservations online no walking no waiting and never alone the traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes ID's radio seven eighty and what if I put out about WDDM accu weather a flash flood watch in effect for Sunday morning part little.

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