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Dublin walk part to that begins. Just one bridge away from here on the o'connell bridge. The o'connell bridge is downstream towards the skyscrapers. If you're ready for part to just continue across hey penny bridge to the north bank. Turn right and walk to the o'connell bridge along the wooden riverside millennial walkway but right now our tours over think of it. We've gone from a pleasant park to this pleasant bridge over the river. We've walked grafton street and dipped into the college. We've seen churches and castles and government buildings. We've seen churches and castles and government buildings and pubs and clubs and pubs lisa. How about we finish off this walk with a fine ponta. Guinness sounds great as the irish liked to say. May you always have a clean shirt a clear conscience and enough choline in your pocket to buy a point cheers slow. We hope you've enjoyed our dublin. Walk part one. Thanks to pat. O'connor and jeanne openshaw co-authors of this tour to see more of dublin. Checkout our companion tour dublin. Walk part to this. Tour was excerpted from the rick. Steves ireland guidebook co authored with pat o'connor for more details on eating sleeping end sightseeing a dublin and ireland refer to the latest edition of that guidebook for more free audio tours and information about our tv shows bus tours and travel gear visit our website at rick. Steves dot com. This tour was produced by cedar house. Audio production thanks cheers and happy travels..

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