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This documentary based on her book, I see what you made me do. That's tonight. Got some extraordinary news for you up next to that, Stuart MacGill. You're listening to Virginia Tree Ali on ABC Radio Melvin. This involves the alleged kidnapping off the former Australian test cricketer Stuart MacGill. Tim Swanston is our ABC reporter in Sydney. Hide him. Morning, Virginia. What's been going on this morning? Yeah. Look pretty dramatic developments this morning. So as you said it, will. I feel it kidnapping off the former test cricket out, So we understand that it actually took place on April 14 years when it's alleged toe occurred, but the Complaints wasn't nice place till April 20th. So what's alleged to have occurred on the 14th of April. On that evening, Miguel was confronted by a man in cities lower North shore when two other men then allegedly approached McGill and he was It's like forced into a vehicle and then driven to a property out in Sydney's west and the lead. This ordeal has lasted about some a Knauer, also where he was allegedly assaulted and threatened with a firearm about an hour later, although also his alleged or bane, then taken and Actually relate to asking the bellboy areas in the Southwest signal. So that report then come to the police on the 20th of April, which has led to these arrests this morning. So for what men have been arrested 27 29 42 46. They're currently Being interviewed with by, police said at at local police stations across Sydney. Wow. Amazing it. Do we know if these people were known to Stuart MacGill? Yeah. Look, Unfortunately, we're really at a loss for information at this point in time, you know, belief on in quickly of, you know, known about this for some weeks and in vain investigating and they'll be giving an upside to the media at about one o'clock this afternoon, and there are other things going on. Well, today, you know, there's a number of search warrants being executed by police. Across various properties that Sydney But as for an alleged motive, or any kind of length between McGillin and these men, are we doin dollars this stage and it's Stuart MacGill, okay? Well, look, You know what? Currently making that inquiry that at the moment, but even that, you know, he was sort of released from the from the alleged attack. You know, some some middle of last month probably stands to reason that you know next serious physical harm, at least at this stage. But of course, we're making those enquiries of the stage to say. I think the controlling stake and of course what? What's stated in but you know, of course, that really dramatic, you know, development this morning. Absolutely incredible Miss raids taking place this morning by the police to tourist in Those four men. Let's see what the charges are. If there are any later on this morning, great to talk to you, Tim. Thank you. Tim spots in the ABC reporter in Sydney. Let's take your calls on the open line. 1 300 triple 2774 Lauren has texted in. I just read this one. Engineer. I just wanted to note. I think it's a step in the right direction to discuss the issues of rape on the radio. However, as someone who's 21 I said experiences of a similar nature. I think the way the discussion is being opened up is not very productive for victims. You understand that the police don't really care about historic allegations is not encouraging. We should be focusing on how this happens every day and on how we're going to go about this in the future and how we're going to shift the focus for cases such as Yasmin's, they're extremely common and extremely confronting issues that many women have to face. Mentioning that people should contact Lifeline doesn't really cut it when you're opening the conversation and not offering the echo adequate support in that conversation to says Lauren, which is a really good observation, and, of course, I'm always wondering if it's being done well or properly from doing it right. What I'm trying to do now, much more Lauren that I never did before, is a journalist was, you know to ask those questions that I might ask before I speak to the person which is? Can I ask you about that? Are you comfortable speaking about that? Um, do you want to stop the conversation? I prefer to do that life to hear now so that you can hear and know how the agreement is being made. How the conversation is being head and you can hear the response of the person who's agreed to speak so that you can hear in real time whether they're cross at me, whether they're pushing back at me whether they're irritated or hurt or upset by the questions. I think it's very important that we be transparent about how we do our job. And I'm sure we're not doing it as well as we possibly can. Right now. We can always do better. Johnny Maids thing. Good morning. Hardworking yet just listening to your talk with Jess. And I'm not gonna percent Sure with my history for Alberto, Watch her program. Just a hunk a disgrace to that. Four years ago, I had a long conversation with your predigested John Payne about my experiences of Coming to the brink of that fury. Which sort of just about push me to be violent towards my partner on bond. I guess I'm not About the blind anyone or have things got in my relationship. It was kind of like a bit of a perfect storm in losing my job. And having Being in a position where I was being emotionally and financially abused on our partner on a daily basis. And I kind of got to the point. I told the story to join. I kind of got to the point where I felt Like I was Just about T belong towards my partner. I wanted to do Watching myself out of the half on Dad of the state be on him. Because I kind of felt that I knew that that wasn't the person who I was. And with it, whether we're with this surfaces around them to support you in what you were feeling and going through, John I didn't know. I really did not know. Um and you know, because it was such a slow burn, I guess to Virginia. I didn't really feel like always sort of Like a granted the corners so that it was just that one moment where I felt That's what all that I felt so emasculated itself yours. That's what that's what I wanted to do this 11 what my body felt like it wanted to John. I think it's so interesting that you used the term emasculated there that gets to the point that just Hill was speaking about before about how and individual can can feel when they feel hurt or threatened, and when they can start to see it as a threat to their very Sense of self. John. Thank you for ringing in today and for sharing that story again. Gary's called in from Port Arlington on a different subject. Hi Gary Hart, Virginia and personal Just the same great program today. Thank you. You look three years ago will likely left in a position to build a nice new home and we built it. Deficiencies in mind with hot water insulation, the way the house of sight of them. We also Sean and the puts all the panels on the house. Couple over his contributed some renewable energy back into the system, and also that Help with health energy costume and turning his mind's a difference to any deka. I'm just thinking that if I do go ahead with this playing and a lot of people if they're in a position to do so will simply With a battery system allows stopped exporting pair And, uh, so that claims to be negative chemistry, not in Children. Mm hmm. Wanting to put systems on their houses, I think that will probably just stop the stop people doing that all together. Yeah. Which would be a shame, although I don't know. Maybe they've been banking on the fact that there will be so much renewable energy generated by wind and solar farms. And such successful battery storage that you might not need that domestic trade. I guess so. I think that would be an interesting discussion to have. And as I mentioned before, there are some really interesting market analysts that track this And that using all the daughter that's available right now have quite convincing forecasts about where the energy market is going on. I'd love to see that that maybe this'll fears being struck off the back of predictions that the change the interchange between households all the selling back into the grid from the household is perhaps not going to be needed into the future. Rosalie in that genetic good morning to you. What do you make of the proposal to charge those poems with solar panels? Oh, yes, well Is not.

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