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That's right free just go to ziprecruiter dot com slash cb that is ziprecruiter dot com slash cb don't share that website with anyone who's not listener by the way all right to please don't we want to keep this contained we want a tight circle ziprecruiter dot com slash cb to try it for free ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire human beings comey bang bang we're back here phoebe robinson had one bit of checks mix i had a checks yeah checks the checks mix okay so it's checks mix right yeah would be all different types of checks but they they give like equal billing to pretzels you know to to what else is in there you know what i mean yeah it's like so so what do they call it checks mix because there's just as much pretzels as there is checks with checks is the star here you keep coming back for the check pretzels anywhere but say it's like garry marshall's valentine's day is it like ashton kucher valentine's day what are you saying checks is like gary marshall and there's a quick what are you trying to say here i think checks is jessica biel okay yeah i i know what you're saying in england checks mixes only pretzels oh in england checks is a pretzel because it looks like a check mark if you break it in half yeah yeah you you and and you're you're like like check that box good salty snack as a chip is a french fry if you order a both full of checks you'll get a full of pretzel hours or so many different words in england chips and fry that's a great example we cook we should it should just be one thing everywhere worldwide we need we need an i've said this before everyone needs to speak english.

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