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A major inversion taking place folks are concerned about air quality but what other things in the budget is the governor pushing regards air quality so first we always want to highlight government house a role it's an important role but it's called the tyranny of individual choices we know that over fifty percent of the emissions are coming from on our cars that's why the governor opening up transportation fronts mass transit to give people either options was looking at options around congestion praising we think her important strategy could people have got to take individual responsibility uh for this but in addition to that um we have five hundred thousand ongoing for doing some air quality research looking it specifically and i am pneumonia a among your coming out of diesel trucks and would grinning stoves in some other areas that are really important uh we've got some money in there too for some back while driving in enforcing the existing laws we have on the books right now and so we've got to this and seek it out there make sure were god taking care of the backlogs in existing forcement thing now this is something about the money but not all about the money is the governor we'll talk about so there's regulation issues that are important but the ministry shen only just picture of the dress that are really important in the state like we need to lead by example i won't be launching a pretty aggressive telework initiative to take cars off the road to reduce costs for buildings and look at our own congestion pricey model here in the state over the next couple of years we've reduced emissions but in our own fleet by eleven percent we're looking at making oliver state buildings energy efficient so the state's playing a role in that as well 'cause we feel like we can't impose this on other people without walking in talk not one minute laughed what is the process for you putting together the budget governor it the varying it's a heart it's i mean we'll have you know tons of business cases come in and we're pretty rigorous it's one thing for people to say i need money money's the easiest thing to jump to for solutions.

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