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He's not he doesn't do a ton of interviews so if he becomes on your podcast not once but twice then Maybe even more than that. Then you know that that just says a lot about what he thinks about you as well so congrats. I appreciate that clayton that that means a lot. And i know that you've got you've got a busy life doing all the things that you do in clayton world so with that said we're going to go ahead and start wrapping up and then we'll do another multiple conversations down the road because yeah we only got to the first question of the story of you playing cards. We didn't bentiu. We didn't get into your website at all which reminds me of space jam back in nineteen. You got linked to my space on your website. I think we could stand a little refresher. Oh it's just a joke. At this point i mean it's like original website and you know my brother does the design for my website and obviously my space was a thing when that site was invented. And he's asked me several times. Do you want me to take down the mice bays lincoln. I'm like oh no. Don't ever take down ice. Basically i want to be there in thirty years because it's definitely a conversations are as you just saw. Yeah i loaded it up. And i was like is this like is gio city. Still think this looks cities. Yeah you're the funny thing though You know i used to get twelve. Fifteen hundred hits a month to my website and nowadays people just don't use websites nowadays. If people wanna find me find me on social media websites for comedians are kind of I guess they're still necessary in the sense. That's where my bio is but otherwise. No one really uses the website like they used to before social media. Having a website was super important. Now it's like the only thing anybody ever wants from..

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