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Enter today at w t o p dot com Search free lunch. Good morning. It's 6, 28 and time for traffic and weather on the AIDS. We go back over to Rita Kessler in the traffic center. We're seeing delays on the Beltway in Prince George's County, the inner loop of the Beltway after two to passing to 14 Central Avenue Watch for the broken down vehicle kind of crowding that right lane interlude near to 10 was a report of Iraq and the outer loop topside, starting to slow from New Hampshire towards university. More volume getting towards Georgia Avenue, but not a major backup, and those lanes are open in Maryland on 27. The southbound seeing a little volume after 19 headed toward 1 21, but then smooth sailing all the way to the lane Divide onto either loop of the Beltway. Also in Maryland, we have the closure of Fair Land Road between Tamarack Road in Serpentine Way for the serious Crash investigation, northeastern Pennsylvania Avenue After Woodyard Road, the right lane was blocked with the broken down vehicle and Dortmund one between Queensbury Road in East West Highway. You're getting by the water main break using the center turn lane. Southbound lanes are open in the district. Have a new problem on the outbound 14th Street bridge. Keep your eye out for the wreck and the response delays coming off the freeway crossing the case Bridge, Um, South Capitol Street in Atlantic Street was a report of Iraq in Virginia Eastbound 66 is starting to slow in Centerville most likely trying to get on to, um 28. That delay now begins before 66 headed through Eleanor C. Lawrence Park after 66. But before Westfield Boulevard, the crash on the right side reported as being completely over on the shoulder. Beat the heat with Window nations deal of the summer. Get to Windows free for every two you buy, Make no payments and pay no interest for 24 months Visit window nation dot com Today I'm.

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