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News this hour town hall dot com ronda roster president robert prayers and condolences wednesday to the victim of sunday night's shooting massacre in las vegas from president donald trump and first lady malania trump met privately at a hospital in las vegas with victims of sunday night's shooting we met patients that were absolutely terribly wounded and doctors and nurses all of the people at the hospital have done job that's indescribable the president also met with police officers dispatchers and others who have responded to the shooting the president brushed off questions about the availability of firearms saying this is not the time for that discussion i mike rossio attorney matthew lumbar says mary lou dan lee is cooperating with authorities as they investigate the shoe that was carried out by her boyfriend or let everyone know that we are fully cooperating with the fbi the las vegas police department about these horrible unspeakable acts of violence from bart spoke with abc news meanwhile the man shooting his ferrying a call to action on capitol hill senator dianne feinstein introducing a bill that would ban bumps stock devices letter used to convert semi automatic weapons into fully automatic ones like the one the shooter use the house has begun debate on a budget resolution it will pave the way for tax reform it's mostly a symbolic piece of legislation senate's working in a different proposal but one thing they both have in common are measures that will allow the senate advance tax reform with a simple majority vote that's important for republicans who have a twoseat advantage and damage from two catastrophic hurricanes are expected to provide a blurry your than usual snapshot of the economy or the government releases its september jobs report on friday the report today from payroll processor adp.

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