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Pizza by now the answer is no Eh breading I made the impasse gone I don't see pizza when I travel I see mistakes and I've come across some early horrible things people putting egging pizza dough is if it's a desert people cook pizza with Coal Neapolitan Pizza has been successful all around the world but most the time it's a bad copy violation of the tradition the only thing they get right is that it's round that had a short quick moving queue has formed outside because it's nice and your Neapolitan Pizza is also bendy so do invented a wallet pizza they fold and slide into a car bald older so you can eat on the go one euro fifty because that's the other thing though say about pizza here it's Democratic Johnson D you Naples if she lied to the show we would love to hear from you on this email address Europe D. W. dot com this is in Europe and I'm Keith Walker in Bonn Germany uh-huh this is inside Europe on time Keith Walker in Bonn Germany and the next half hour our talion pride and right-wing supporters attend a huge rally in Italy also we visit the world's only cocktail mixing contest for Women Only history about joke with me it's about art it's about flavor and balance and they're pushing themselves forward and not sort of just being waitress this is they're actually running things behind the bar plus musicians get vocal amid brexit uncertainty near the Irish border they stories and more coming up from the studios of Germany's international broadcaster F. D. W. This case inside Europe under the slogan Italian Pride Tens of thousands of people attended a rally last Saturday in Rome former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini called for this rally just after he knew his former coalition partner was to form a new government with the centre-left Democratic Party he cried betrayal and wanted to show the country that he's still all kinds Angelo van Schaik reports from Rome tens of thousands of people on the square in front of his son Giovanni Basilica in Rome only came for one man Mateo Salvini let's who all these people are here for Mateo Slovenia at least very powerful and popular former minister of Internal Faz three of Italy's right wing parties organized really which is drawn people from all of Italy the party claims up to two hundred thousand people have gathered and it's no coincidence that chose Rome's biggest square gets us on Giovanni which used to be described the big trade union and Communist Party rallies it reflects what state the country is in says journalist and political analyst Vidigal Menlo dial concern Ludacris concerns for there's very strong support of the right even radical or nationalistic right in Italy today this block has moved further to the Taylor's coney the fact that so many people showed up to the rally shows that a lot of Italians support the right wing last summer Matteo Salvini was of his popularity with a forty percent approval rating but then he made a big mistake he wanted to cash in on his popularity Gopher election get rid of his coalition partner to five star movement it backfired DNC establishment five-star Movement surprised him by forming new government the centre-left Democratic Party so Vini and Italy's right-wing found themselves sidelined the reason for this ready there is finally the leader himself with bombast and showmanship he presents himself to the crowd walked through the water. join us today so Venus approval rating is still hovering around thirty percent notwithstanding the enormous mistake he made this summer many Italian still believe he's the best man for prime minister and they feel betrayed by what they called back-room politics journal Democracy Yeah let's hope democracy will win this went wasn't voted in so it's not constitutional it's a dictatorship journalist Filippo mellow classical intimate today's ah they'd be Colo it's classic right-wing the people betrayed by the state authoritarian propaganda fuels the idea that the enemies it crushes hardworking people take up all the people were people from all over country came to road Salvini this man made a three and a half hour train ride from part of up in the north Tony I'm here to testify to how good are legal governor is in Benito and of course to hear Salvini speak the really really Salvini rhetoric is always the same the left wing government only wants to raise taxes and Italy needs more law enforcement analysts immigration he even claims the government has drowned uh-huh blood on its hands but it's not only what he says it's the way he says it that counts he's entertainer at ease in front of large crowds he knows how to talk to them and how to joke with them the big question though is whether a strong support for Salvini this really good spell danger for the current government fatigue mellow hey don't throw matchstick adequate still go rhino unsheltered Salvini the real problem is that if the government falls there's no alternative it's an unstable government with enormous contradictions it's two very different parties have been fighting bitterly for years Salvini doesn't have an antagonist right now he's the only one who's actually Pilla so in an election it wouldn't be Salvini against the rest it'll be Salvini against no one well Matteo Salvini is hailed S. Two great leader on Piazza San Giovanni heart of Rome the other Mateo Hansie has his lawyer Paula Rally in Florence Rennes New Center. his party Italia Viva broke away from the Partito Democratico in September both parties are part of simple county government the DNC is fiercely critical of the prime minister which could weaken the government's chances to survive until two thousand twenty three and a weak government it's a good thing Kamata Salvini and Italy's far right God take do w Rome and I'm Keith Walker in Bonn inside Europe comes to you from DFW in Bonn Germany you can listen again four download the podcast at DFW Dot com slash Life Europe we're also on soundcloud and Aikins mixologist is the art over making cocktails and if you like drinking them the northern Italian city of Bologna was the place to be earlier this month as was belong yet cocktail week one of the big ends there was a marina which is the world's only cocktail mixing contests for Women Only wouldn't let me in this year over four thousand attenders from five continents Applied Dwi's Margarita and Makita with loving Donnie MIDSPAN was there and sent us this report Hi I'm bubbles and I'm from Nigeria so I'm going to tell her story in my drink the name is Africa Tales so it's a tale Africa I'm down the am from Rhode Island Greece my cocktail is called Sadie Bruce I'm really excited I can't wait I'm and I'm representing Singapore is my first global competition so it means a lot it's fun to know more people expand your connections weaning is and bonus but meeting in people from different countries those beautiful eighties around and exchanging stories learning from them I think that's the that's the best part of it some of the twelve finalists about to step up onto the podium to mix their creations for the old female jury it's it's really not since the good competition it's great to see strong women in the bartend in wild g remember Sandra Lawrence is co editor and publisher of the cocktail lovers magazine different countries are at different stages in bartending so sometimes that comes through in the taste of the towns I would say but it's great because everyone learns from each other competitions grateful because everyone gets together I can see what other people are doing they can see the influences they have then they aw very wonderful life so when people drink calvin they say Tokyo beat but if it sounds like just a bitter fluffy gail powered fund be fooled says the head of the jury Lucia Montanelli compete with an entire jury made by female is talk because the female of the most difficult to place during competition so he's gotta be offered about that as the international competition with actually the idea of Oh man we call a family's family have been producing cocktail syrups liqueurs another signature I'm arena cherries for over a century I've seen in the last let's say ten years an incredible growth of the number of ladies that were showing up behind the bar so I decided that there should have been a good idea to promote the female role in the mixologist industry the atmosphere's upbeat but says there is a serious side for many years women haven't been given equal status in this profession in the past the man were called Barmen The lady were caught by made and that is absolutely differentiation in the role of the women in the as a mate so under ladder have equal opportunity to joy and Taylor so we can remove our price we are not not as entertainers the competitions a great opportunity for them to shine but back in their home countries the situations for women like Magda Anna and ables vary immensely I think it's not only Greece but everywhere it's really hard to be women behind the bar three four years back there's this gap between women and men behind the bar but a Singapore Asia progresses with a cocktail industry three we see a lot more women participating and the issue between equality is I think no longer so we're lucky in Singapore and Philippines when I came here and talk with the rest of the group I still realize that part of Italy or buyer off like Greece Romania they're still like not that then when becomes the Women Navarre Women in cocktail industry are older women married women I am one of the only single bartenders Nigeria because Nigeria people see women in the bar as I do I put it this woman because of the culture the religion and they see cocktails ause bartenders irresponsible but yeah that's why I'm doing it so I could tell you that I am not irresponsible for doing what I love back in the UK. Sandra says that things have definitely improved I think that now women are seeing in that sense of artistry role in the way that they and they're pushing themselves forward and not sort of just being waitresses actually running things behind the bar and it's wonderful to see so the.

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