Florida, Louisiana, Wilson discussed on World News This Week - Full Episode: Friday, October 13, 2017


In paris unesco directorgeneral irena bukoba united states is a founding member of unesco the whole idea that you can do peace so education science culture communication that is basically an american idea trump administration contends the un organisation has an anti israel bias tom rivers abc news at the foreign desk don't believe everything you here of not quitting today i don't believe and i just talked to the president i don't think them being fired today that's white house chief of staff john kelly making a rare public appearance in the white house briefing room to dispel those reports that he's unhappy and the role and thinking of resigning abc's andy field in washington with more general john kelly move from homeland security secretary to white house chief of staff but insists he is not there to rein in the president or is not brought to this job to control anything but the flow of information to our president so that he can make the best decisions general kelly saying reports of rifts between the president is staff in congress or exaggerated and they are simply trying to do what voters elected them to do andy field abc news washington president trump has nominated general kelly's number two at the white house cures to soon to be the new head of the department of homeland security threw her wisdom and our leadership she has won the universal respect of my entire cabinet and senior white house staff wilson will be heading up fema efforts in stormravaged parts of texas louisiana florida and puerto rico but a tweet from president trump's stirring up fears in puerto rico as the president seemed to suggest federal aid would soon be ending the president tweeting we cannot keep fema the military and the first responders npr forever he's been under fire we love wet.

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