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Hey, Chris. Thank you. Yes, sir. I just wanted to call in. You had an episode back in January, sir, where you talked about coach coach brown's deer were a lot of fans called in with their memory of coach coach grant and whatever special memory that they had and I didn't get a chance to call in at that particular time, but my father, he took me to my first Alabama game in 1978 at legion field against LSU. And I was ten years old and thought I was on top of the world as my first game. Yesterday was the anniversary of my father's death. 13 years ago and he then sent me to my first iron bowl, 1981. 315th game. And I had a special relationship with my father. He joined military services and then he was a football basketball official for about 20 years and worked hard to provide for his family, especially during the holidays. And. He took me to several iron bowls and that has just become my favorite time of the year. I think a lot of people that are probably in their mid 50s like I am or older, they would probably be willing to say that a lot of the iron balls in the 80s were probably some of the greatest iron Bros played. The 81 82 in I know the 83 are involved known as the tornado some iron bowl. Yeah. Well, I mean, listen, you keep going. I mean, 83, 84, 85, 86. There's never been a better stretch of games in my career. Every one of those games was epic. And I'll say this before, I hang up the 83 game, I keep just thinking about and I did research on it. We were at that 83 game, and a lot of people refer to it as the 2019 game for a reason. The bad storm came up. We were sitting in the north end zone facing the south. Yeah, but by the way, Chris, there was literally a tornado warning in the vicinity. They announced it. Now today, the whole stadium would have evacuated. You could not have played a game, the whole place would have cleared out, but I'll never forget. I looked around. I was in the press box. I never saw a single person leave that game. And it was the most incredible thing because when the public address announcer made the announcement,

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